Monkee magic

Published: Wed, 04/28/21

Hi ,
Today I share my favourite Monkees song which is entitled ‘What am I doing hanging round?’ . Go on, give it a try if you have never heard it before. Written by Boomer Castleman and Michael Martin Murphy it was released in 1967. The lead vocals are sung by Michael Nesmith with background vocals from Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones and Peter Tork contributes guitar. To me this number is the perfect pop song, simple, catchy, and with a universal sentiment of regretting missed opportunities and yet knowing that we cannot change the past.

I am the age that was introduced to the Monkees in our children’s TV and we loved them. I have enjoyed their music ever since and I have been introducing my daughter to their tunes, I am sure she will thank me later.

The Monkees may just seem like a silly children’s programme but making the series provided opportunities for some very experimental film making. The series and all the spin offs also made a great deal of money, some which was then invested in making one of the most significant films of the late 1960s, more on that tomorrow.

Here are the Monkees anyway


PS I should have warned you that when my first marriage broke up I asked my estranged wife how we should divide up the record and CD collection? She replied that anything that represented a complete lack of taste and sophistication was obviously mine. Quite simple then really.