Great visions and a discerning heart

Published: Sun, 05/02/21

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Sunday, and yes, it is a hymn, which I have sung many times in church and I think you will enjoy this lovely version by a group called ‘Celtic Worship’.

Why this hymn in particular? Because it is about focus, about how the world changes, and your experience of life is transformed, when our attention is shifted from the cares and ambitions of the mundane world, to the realm of the spiritual where the greatest inspiration, and the highest wisdom, is found. ‘Be thou my vision, oh Lord of my heart’. As the ages transition from the old to the new there will be both a great deal of pain as all that is dead and finished with must be released, and great inspiration and joy as the possibilities of renewal and enlightenment are revealed as the new dawn breaks.

It is not information as such which will bring about this shift of consciousness. The death of one age and the birth of another is a cosmic event which no one can prevent. Yet, those who are invested in the values of materialism, power, and ephemeral wealth of the dying age will use all the resources at their disposal to frustrate the inevitable. I keep having an unpleasant thought of how a possessive man may go as far as disfiguring a woman who has chosen to leave him so that no one else will ever want to love her. Is there a similar desire to damage our world before the coming awakening leaves behind those whose hearts and treasure is locked into a base desire for power and control?

For well over 100 years now we have had widespread literacy, libraries, and mass media. In the past 20 years we have had the Internet, an extraordinary tool for searching and disseminating knowledge. It seemed that once the truth about war, poverty, subjugation, exploitation, and cruelty of any kind could be revealed to everyone through the printing press, and now the world wide web of knowledge, then the world would change. In fact information has remarkably little influence on the way people think and make decisions. The real power resides in those who control the narrative. Information alone will never open the minds of those who have bought into the narrative of submission to the powers which currently aspire to rule our world. True freedom, sovereignty, and an age of living the best lives we can imagine, will come when the narrative is inspired by visions and open hearts which are connecting to the highest wisdom the Universe
has to offer. Hence the opening words of the hymn, ‘be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart’.

Catlin Johnson wrote a post last week where she points out that information is never enough, it is the artists who always have, do, and will change the world. The new age is the great opportunity for all writers, story tellers, visual artists, film makers, gardeners, architects and builders, gardeners, dancers, preachers, every creative person who is prepared to let the highest power be their vision and the lord of their hearts.

How do we know which narrative to be inspired by? Every one of us can simply ask for an inspiring vision and a discerning heart, if the request is genuine the rest will follow.

So, here are Celtic Worship

Have a lovely Bank Holiday.



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