And then they came for the children...

Published: Mon, 09/06/21

So, children as young as 12 will now have the ‘opportunity’ to receive the very fashionable jab. There is no reason to believe pupils as young as 5 won’t have the same very generous offer before Christmas. No need for parents to trouble themselves with taking their little darlings along to the doctor’s surgery, or deciding if they want to give their parental consent. It will all be taken care of behind firmly closed school gates. Children will just come home with a sore arm, and whatever other side effects the jab causes.

It is interesting how three key institutions, the BBC, the NHS, and the state education system, have been used to bring us to the jabbing of the nation’s children with an experimental gene therapy. Obviously the covid hoax is an intentional exercise designed to poison the world, but each country has manipulated the minds of its population according to its national character and degree of respect in its institutions. Australia, for example, is reverting to being a full blown prison colony, which is quite appropriate considering the countries origins.

In the UK the BBC, assisted by the news papers has maintained a rigidly consistent narrative on the ‘deadly nature’ of covid and ‘vaccination’ as the only possible solution. The BBC has proudly admitted that it gives no platform to anyone questioning the ‘official’ covid narrative. We are seeing a remarkable example of the Overton window in operation, and the advantage of the corporately owned media is that it can decide the boundaries of the window and ensure that all ‘approved’ discourse takes place within those boundaries. What happens to those who look outside the boundaries of the window? Those who trust the organization which established the boundaries may find information which contradicts the ‘approved’ narrative. This means that someone is lying and accepting that a trusted source is lying causes pain through ‘cognitive dissonance’. Such pain is avoided by dismissing what was found on the outside of the window and not
crossing the boundary again. The BBC understands these principles very well and has been applying them rigidly.

Then the NHS suddenly needed to be protected. The hospitals cannot cope with sick people needing care. Which seemed a bit strange at the time, after all, treating sick people? Isn’t that what the NHS is there for anyway? Meanwhile people were ‘applauding the brave NHS staff’ while they were not even treating people who had cancer and other genuine life threatening conditions. Again it worked, the NHS is so revered in the UK that people were quite happy to suffer or even die than risk inconveniencing the wonderful health service. When it came to jabs people just trusted their GPs to stick a needle in their arm even though, if you asked your doctor what is a actually in the jab, they would not have a clue.

However, the real objective was to get the whole nation jabbed, especially the children. Would parents take their 5 year olds along to the GP Surgery to be jabbed against a disease that simply does not affect healthy children at all? Sadly, some would, but not enough to satisfy those who are behind this hoax. So, now the state education system is enrolled into the process. No reason is given. Is it just that teenagers should be offered the jab because it just isn’t fun to be left out of the needle fun? By doing it in school there is no need for parental involvement, so any concept of parental consent is irrelevant. I guess children will be able to refuse individually and it will interesting to see what coercive measures the schools put in place to make the refusniks regret their choice. I have heard suggestions that schools will require un-jabbed pupils to attend an hour early each morning for testing, and I suppose they could
require face coverings and separate seating to the ‘unclean’. To some extent it will be up to head teachers how fascist their measures against dissenters are, but there will be a lot of pressure from higher up the food chain to be as brutal as possible. Not a good time to be young and vulnerable. On the other hand this it a great time for some proper teenage rebellion, I guess we shall see how many of our young people are ‘rebels with a cause of personal integrity’ and how many are just sad little lambs lining up for slaughter. I am not optimistic.



PS In my writings I tend to emphasise the narrative mind control which is at work all around us. My eclectic background in religion, story telling, drama, and activities such as Stav mean I can recognise mind manipulation when I see it and that awareness is what I should share. I am not a doctor or a scientist so I leave the exposing the dodgy ‘science’ of the covid hoax to those better qualified than me such as Dr Vernon Coleman who has an excellent video on the proposals to jab children for Covid.

If you think I am exaggerating about Australia check out Max Igan’s video here