Recognising a hoax

Published: Mon, 09/20/21

I have had a couple of emails from readers asking what I mean when I say that Covid is a hoax, and if it is a hoax, who is behind it? Very good questions and not that easy to answer since an elaborate hoax provides it’s own appearance of authenticity, or no one would have fallen for it in the first place. It does not really matter what I believe anyway, you have to come to your own realisation of what is real, and what is false, in this world and respond accordingly. All I can do here is attempt to explain why I believe Covid is a hoax, if you believe the pandemic is real that is your choice.

The first consideration is the basic principle of health and well being. Three things make you ill, deficiency, toxicity, and stress. Manage those three factors and you will have a long and healthy life. During the 19th and 20th centuries average life expectancy for a man rose from 40.2 years in 1841to 79 in 2011. For women the expectation was 42.2 years in 1841 and 82.8 by 2011. How did that happen? Food supplies and eating patterns massively improved, I wrote a while ago about my mother being a domestic science teacher in the post war period. There was a massive effort to improve nutrition and availability of high quality food to the point where nutrition deficiency is genuinely avoidable, if you take proper responsibility for your diet.

I took my daughter to steam fair during the summer, she found the traction engines quite fascinating and I was reminded of the smell of coal smoke which pervaded built up areas when I was a child. There was also lead in petrol, and smoking was normal, so even as a small child we were affected by what is now called ‘passive smoking’. Air pollution can still be an issue, but air quality, even in cities, is a great deal better than it was. Improved sanitation and availability of washing machines and vacuum cleaners make it possible to live in a very clean environment compared with what was easy to achieve 100 years ago.

Stress is a bit more difficult to quantify, but I would suggest that serious poverty is a major source of worry. However, there have been general improvements in living standards, welfare, pensions, and there is a lot less to worry about than a poor person had to deal with in 1841.

A doubling in the overall lifespan in just 150 years speaks for itself. Medicine has had very little to do with this overall increase. Where the medical profession has contributed has been in maintaining quality of life for those who are now living longer than ever before. I had a detached retina followed by a cataract in the past couple of years. Living with a detached retina would not have shortened my life but it was good to have my sight (mainly) restored. The maximum life span for a human being is a bit over 100 years and there is nothing the medical industry can do to change that reality.

So, if people are getting sick and dying prematurely then we need to look for a combination of deficiency, toxicity, and stress and correct the problem. Better still, ensure that people do not get nutritionally deficient, poisoned, or excessively stressed in the first place. If there was an epidemic of scurvey then it would be very easy to check whether or not people were getting enough vitamin C, if a great many people were getting Salmonella poisoning then just find the source of contaminated food. A great many people have been suffering mental problems caused by the lockdowns and other responses to the ‘pandemic’, even leading to sucicide, stress which was completely avoidable. However, the idea that a mysterious virus can take over a healthy population and make people die is highly dubious to say the least and this is not what we have witnessed.

Secondly, even if you do accept the idea of a deadly Covid virus ripping through the world and killing some people the statistics do not make any sense. One of my readers has reminded me more than once that 630,000 Americans have died with Covid on their death certificates. However, only 6% of those certificates had just covid on them and all the others included other causes of death including heart disease, diabetes, strokes etc, plus the average age of death for dying with Covid is higher than the average age of death anyway. Of course you can argue that if it had not been for the covid those with heart conditions might have lived for another 20 years so it was the covid that killed them. Or, you can choose to believe that the covid is irrelevant, and if 94% of covid deaths are clearly fraudulent, then you are fully entitled to be skeptical about the remaining 6%. But, doctors and nurses would not do that! Some wouldn’t, like
the front line doctors in the USA, and they are heavily censored. On the other hand Medicaid funded hospitals in the USA get 39,000 dollars for every patient they can diagnose with covid and get them sedated and onto a ventilator. The managers want the money and the medical staff know that they keep their jobs by following orders. I could go on, but this will do.

So, if covid is a hoax, who is behind it, and what are they getting out of it? The actual answer is no one is behind the hoax as such, although plenty of people are exploiting the opportunities provided by covid. Catlin Johnson did a very good post on this topic, though not specifically referring to covid, a week or so ago which I have linked here I would strongly recommend reading Catlin’s article, think about what she is suggesting. In my next post I will explore why the runaway train which our economic system has become exploits illness, along with war, and debt in order to maintain its momentum.



PS I do not believe that there is a medical crisis in our world. However, covid is the symptom of a very serious philosophical and spiritual crisis. This short video in which a long term professor of ethics is fired from a university for making an ethical decision about here own body pretty much sums up where we are right now