The Cult of Flu

Published: Sat, 10/16/21

I had a message from someone on my list questioning my definition of the word hoax, he quoted.

Hoax: deception, intended to trick or mislead. · An act intended to deceive or trick.

My correspondent went on to argue that since people have died from Covid 19 then it can’t be considered to be a hoax as such. This is a good point and it is a statement I have been hearing from time to time since this ‘pandemic’ started. So, I accept that Covid is not a hoax and there is no point at all in arguing otherwise. I will stop using the description ‘covid hoax’ and there is a much better label which I should have used all along.

There does seem to be a mild form of flu going round which has the symptom of loss of smell and taste. I know a few people who have had it and I had it myself a few weeks ago. For some time I could not tell if the little one had pooed her nappy or not. I also felt a bit tired and weak for a few days and then got over it. All a bit of a let down really compared with the Pleurisy I had a few years ago which laid me low for a month.

To me the real issue about Covid is not whether or not it is real, but whether or not you believe in it. One level of awareness says that we believe in things because they are real. Another level of awareness says that we make things real by believing in them. And, yes that does apply to material things too. My Citroen C15 van is 21 years old with 230k miles on the clock. With some welding and other work I have just got it through another MOT because I believed it was worth the effort. Last year our 25 year old Peugeot 306 seized its engine, if I had believed it was worth finding a second hand motor for it for it and swapping them over we would still be driving it. However, I didn’t believe it was worth the effort, and so the vehicle was scrapped and we now have a newer Vauxhall. We all make similar decisions based on our beliefs and our lives reflect the choices we make. If you then learn from experience you can modify your
beliefs and make decisions with better outcomes. Our beliefs are also driven by our values which may include a desire for good health and well-being, material security for our family, and a to make a positive contribution to our community. All this is healthy, normal, and how we seek to live a good life.

However, there is another factor which is your degree of conscious awareness of how your beliefs are shaped and directed. The words belief and religion often go together and for most of history religion had a great deal to do with shaping beliefs. In a secular society where few people take religion seriously there may be a general sense that we are free to choose our own beliefs. However, there are things called media, education, entertainment, news, all of which are heavily invested in and directed according to the principles of behavioral psychology. I am sometimes asked if I am a religious person because I am a member of the Methodist Church, a preacher, and have a general interest in spiritual matters. I do not really see myself as religious because my spiritual activities and affiliations are a matter of conscious choice. I realised a long time ago that real religion is just what is obviously true and real, there is no
debating the matter and there is no need to name a your religion, is just is what is. Anyone who cannot see what is real and true just like you can is treated with suspicion at best, and burned at the stake as a heretic at worst. Once you have named a religion you have destroyed its power to unconsciously control your beliefs and you may even be on the path to awareness and mental freedom. The dominant religion of modern western society is not usually named and is just accepted unconsciously. However it does have a name which is ‘scientific secular materialism’. Try saying it and see if it brings your currently unconscious beliefs into conscious awareness.

So, what is Covid other than a practice of scientific secular materialism? Covid taps into our fear of death, the most basic issue of any religion. Covid has sacred practices, distancing, hand washing, even being isolated in lock downs from time to time. It has a sacred symbol you can wear on your face to obliterate your individuality and identify you with all other true believers. Then there is the sacrament of the jab, which you have to have twice to be a full member, and will need to be repeated as ‘boosters’ to keep your membership in good standing.

There is absolutely no point in any discussion as to how serious Covid is as a disease and whether or not lock downs etc are fully justified. Covid just is what it is and anyone who denies how serious the pandemic is must be shunned as a danger to those who take the virus seriously.

I do not see Covid as a hoax because I, along with many other people were never tricked, misled, or deceived. It has been fascinating to watch the deliberate creation of a religion through manipulation of fear, highly selective information delivery, narrative management, use of respected organisations such as the BBC and NHS, and most people’s general ignorance of how religion/magic/propaganda/behavioral psychology actually works. A religion can be created out of anything. In a society closer to nature than ours you could take thunder and lightening, personify the phenomenon, and you have a cult of Thor. In a scientific, secular, materialist culture why not worship a king virus? they clue is in the name ‘Corona’ which means crown.

I do admit that I didn’t think it could be quite that easy to implant such a comprehensive belief system into about 80% of the population. On the other hand Pareto’s law would suggest that 80% of awareness will always be in 20% of the population so I am not actually surprised.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment for me is that I know a lot of people who consider themselves to be pagans and witches wizards and all kinds of experts on the occult. Then along comes a genuine enchantment on a massive scale, and rather than seeing right through it, and maybe even learning something, nearly all of them have just fallen for it. In fact the whole Covid spell hasn’t even been done particularly well, just massively resourced. Rather like the American military at war. The process of creating the Cult of Covid is educational to observe, and does have the potential to create a massive awakening if enough people recognised what has actually taken place.

So, I admit I was wrong to call Covid a hoax, it just does not fit the definition. People either believe it is true, or they saw the process at work from the start. Covid is actually a cult within the religion of scientific secular materialism and from now on I will honour the pandemic with the appropriate title of ‘Cult of Covid’.



PS Try a thought experiment. Imagine that a law is passed saying that everyone must eat a bacon sandwich every Monday morning. Anyone who cannot prove that they ate and digested a bacon sandwich will not be allowed to go to work or participate in most other aspects of life for the following week.

PPS The church has generally been no better than the pagan community as far as embracing the cult of covid is concerned. This chap gets it though and his latest post is pretty terrifying

PPPS Everyone should read Catlin Johnson’s posts, if enough people did and really thought about what she has to say we could transform the world tomorrow