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A tale of two iconic stories

Published: Mon, 05/24/21

George Orwell’s work of dystopian science fiction, Ninteen Eighty Four, was published in 1949. Less than a year later C S Lewis’ fantasy novel set in…

A memorial to murder

Published: Tue, 05/11/21

When I was in London last month I arrived at Green Park underground station. While waiting for the march to begin I noticed a structure which was new…

Great visions and a discerning heart

Published: Sun, 05/02/21

Hi ,Sunday, and yes, it is a hymn, which I have sung many times in church and I think you will enjoy this lovely version by a group called ‘Celtic…

A love song to a diesel train

Published: Sat, 05/01/21

Hi ,The first practical steam locomotive is considered to be the Rocket built by Robert Stephenson in 1829. The Rocket was by no means the first steam…

From Monkees to motorcycles

Published: Thu, 04/29/21

Hi ,The genesis and development of the iconic film Easy Rider is a comple story involving the stars, Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda and the script…

Monkee magic

Published: Wed, 04/28/21

Hi ,Today I share my favourite Monkees song which is entitled ‘What am I doing hanging round?’ . Go on, give it a try if you have never heard it…

Music to march to

Published: Tue, 04/27/21

Hi ,My second music video post is a song I became aware of many years ago. Eve of Destruction is the title track of Barry McGuire’s album of the same…

A week of music, day one with the Carpenters

Published: Mon, 04/26/21

Hi ,I had a long drive on Saturday and it gave me time to think. One idea that came to me was to post links every day for a week to music videos on…

Propaganda 101

Published: Sun, 04/25/21

Are you feeling that your mind has been ‘got at’ over the past year? Well you should be because it well and truly has been manipulated, and not just…

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