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Conscious Religion - part 1

Published: Sat, 04/15/23

It used to be said that, when in polite society, one should never talk about se, politics, or religion. Possibly good advice if you are going to…

An old dog still learning new tricks

Published: Thu, 03/23/23

Si ty fourth birthday last week. How did that happen? Okay, just the consequence of having been born in 1959, which seems like a long time ago now.

Five principles, or just one?

Published: Fri, 03/10/23

On the 25th of February we had a very good day training in Salisbury. Twelve people attended, which was about the ma imum number for the space we had…

Losing wars and chocolate biscuits

Published: Thu, 02/23/23

Last Sunday I was preaching on the te t from chapter 5 of Matthew’s Gospel which begins with the statement:‘You have heard it said, an eye for an eye,…

How will history remember 2023?

Published: Thu, 01/05/23

So, here we are five days on from what was an interesting year. There is plenty to comment on if I felt so inclined. The death of the Queen. War in…

Preparation for an uncertain future

Published: Fri, 12/23/22

Iduna and I went to a Winter Solstice ritual at a home in Hull on Wednesday night. Just a dozen of us around a small fire in the garden and then some…

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