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3 Questions to Basketball Success

Published: Tue, 11/19/19

Hello Check out the latest to Hoops U. contributed by our friends over at Breakthrough Basketball. And don't forget, we're still taking new members at…

Flash Sale :: 50% Off Annual Subscription

Published: Mon, 11/18/19

Hey We are having a 50% off flash sale for membership to HoopsU.com and I wanted to make sure you had the chance to get in on it before it's too late!…

Dribble Quick Hitters from Coach Lang

Published: Tue, 11/05/19

Hello Coach Michael Lang, Hoops U. Contributor, recently shared a few quick hitters that you will find quite useful. Oh, and my apologies that…

14 Ways to Turn Failure Into Success

Published: Mon, 11/04/19

Hello Newly added to The U. is a post with video from Philip Solomon-Turay, who delves into the mindset of players and how to make them mentally…

14 Ways to Turn Failure Into Success

Published: Sun, 03/03/19

Hello New post just added to our blog at The U. From the Forbes Coaches Council, these are 14 great tips and strategies to turn failures into…

Courage #motivateUmonday

Published: Mon, 12/10/18

Feel free to share this image#motivateUmonday Visit us at HoopsU.com and join the growing number of coaches who are motivated to be their best!

For the Parents: Going to the Games Matters!

Published: Wed, 12/05/18

Hello Came across this recently published article and thought it was important to share. For those of us who are parents, it is obviously relevant. If…

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