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“Your articles are too long”

Published: Fri, 11/25/22

“Your articles are too long” 2022-11-25 05:06:36-05 Buondì. The wife’s back from hospital, thanks to everyone who asked. But it’s been a heavy week,…

Hai dormito bene?

Published: Wed, 11/23/22

Hai dormito bene? 2022-11-23 04:53:25-05 Buondì. Hai dormito bene? Io no. My wife had to go in for a minor operation at some absurd hour this morning…

A con and some pros of being your own boss

Published: Fri, 11/18/22

A con and some pros of being your own boss 2022-11-18 03:48:44-05 Buondì. I’ll keep this super quick because this morning I have to finish…

Hai la moccola

Published: Wed, 11/16/22

Hai la moccola 2022-11-16 05:17:58-05 Buondì. Autumn/fall has finally arrived in Bologna, where I live. The other day it rained, weeks later than it…

“People in Melbourne will hear about this!”

Published: Mon, 11/14/22

“People in Melbourne will hear about this!” 2022-11-14 05:38:32-05 Buondì. I’m not selling anything today, just having a moan about a former client of…

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