Exes Are Usually Back, You Need To Know These 7 Steps So They Don't Run Away Again

Published: Tue, 08/18/15

Fix Your Mistake By Doing Less


Hello from Indonesia!  I just got back from a weekend getaway in Lombok island with my bff.

You might wonder how I live such a blissful life.  It's the result of a clear mind, clear consciousness and clear conscience.  Something I have earned through years of inner work that I now teach to all of you with similar results.

This is what raising your vibrations is all about.

So what's new other than 3 new engagements (no 22, 23 and 24 this year) just in the span of less than 2 weeks?  The last two happened within a few days of each other, it's surreal.

Two ladies got their exes back!  Or at least it's showing that their exes are stepping up big time.

One of them is Anabelle.  My method got her claimed, yet she was facing her demons and was doubting leaning back as something unnatural for her being a high-powered Hollywood agent herself.

So her boyfriend broke up with her last October when I was in the Phillippines.  She was so devastated she stayed away from the group for a while (at times the constant success stories in the group can be very triggering to others).  But she always updated me with her situations.  So I knew he was still around but taking his time realllll slow to make a move.

Deep down, like with others, I always knew he would be back.  How do I know?  I have 6th sense when it comes to this thing, hence my extremely high success rate.  I can read you and even him and the entire relationship to come up with most definite solutions to the issues.

Fast forward 10 months later, I'm back in Asia and he's back in her life! 

She shared: "Thank you ALL for the sweet, sassy, supportive comments, ladies! It was a great weekend. We just enjoyed each other; lots of laughs, conversation, sexxx, yummy food, etc. We went out on Friday night and stayed in on Saturday night. Last night he Facetime'd from work and asked me to go away this weekend, we'll be on his friends' boat (whom I've never met ... they are also friends with his ex) on the Colorado river.

I feel more relaxed this time around, I stay out of my head, keep it light and let him lead the whole way. Every weekend he gets more and more tender, I can feel his guard going down and his affection rising. He even mentioned spending Christmas together in Hawaii but I know I have to stay in the moment and actions > words.

Thank you Katarina, your magic is working. Last time you made me promise I won't screw it up, lesson learned. I'll let y'all know if/when he calls me his "girlfriend" again... but I don't need a label... I'll just enjoy him...

Asia or here, Kat you were always near because I have tons of notes I listened to every day to keep myself on track, not slip into old patterns, etc. etc. It was like I was studying for a test that I refuse to fail, Goddess 101 to get my man back." 

And she shared again after last weekend:  "We had a fantastic weekend together on the river with his friends... he told me no less than 10 times how happy he was I was there, that it was really special for him to share his favorite place with me and that in the 10+ years he's been going there, he has never taken a woman with him... he was super affectionate and a couple times I felt like he wanted to say "I love you" ... so it was cute to watch him try to express himself without the "L" word! we are so connected right now it almost feels like a bad dream that we were ever apart..."

The other lady is Briana.  "My ex just came back after 6 months. I've been on this journey with you every step. I had to REALLY let go and not care if he ever came back. I focused on me and did pretty much all of Katarina's programs. You have GOT to take men off the pedestal or it will NEVER work. Ladies, you have to tell yourself that you are da bomb every day until you believe it! It's ALL about you!!!

I texted twice over past 6 months (I'm a curious human). I was super casual though. I shared no feelings with him during that time. Still haven't. I'm not going to punish him for disappearing. My vibe is the reason he left. If I share too much feelings or bust his balls cause he left he won't stick around. That's not luring with honey.

He's shared his feelings, apologized profusely, and said he was going to make it right and loves me...we will see...I'm taking it all with a grain of salt and NOT over-investing this time. I will let him prove himself and soak it all up and enjoy. I still have a rotation. He doesn't know about my rotation...I've been aloof about it...I'm not letting the rotation go either.

BTW...I always used to cook for him and he loved it but didn't appreciate it. This weekend he came over he asked me to make this one dish he loves ...Typically I would have dropped everything and gone to the grocery and bought everything to make it. I didn't this time. I said I "I just feel like relaxing instead"

He is acting so different. So loving and attentive and he acts like nothing happened. He has stayed at my house all weekend. He NEVER Did that before. Do I squash it all? Do I get over it and start fresh and just full trust in his leadership? Obviously I'm leaning back... But he's like a different person." 

Will these men reclaim them?  Time will tell but something you can be sure of is leaning back works!

Both women signed up for the Leaning Back and Cultivating Feminine Mystique workshop.

Briana has in fact taken all my programs including the hit inner work Journey Inward and Feminine Goddess Enlightened Relationship monthly membership in which she is still a member. (And this weekend Mary who got back with the father of her baby within a few weeks after practicing what I teach will be interviewed so sign up!)

So if you are in a breakup situation, the less you do the more intriguing you become.  Here are a few steps you should already take when he wants to break up:

1.  Accept that this is over for now.  The old relationship doesn't work and needs to go so let it go.  Accepting it to be over doesn't mean you give up on him or your relationship.  It means a rebirth needs to take place and it can take place when you let the old one die.

2.  Let him bounce back so don't initiate contact!  It's hard, that's why you need my and my group's support but they alway bounce back.  

3. Get him off the pedestal.  Sure you made mistakes that cost you this relationship but also realize there will be other guys you can fall in love with again who will adore you as much, especially when you have done your inner work.  Have faith in that.

4.  Move on even if it's so damn hard.  The ability to move on quickly is very attractive for guys.

5.  Get this low-investment audio that will get you to understand the principles behind getting an ex back: How These Women Get Their Exes Back (five women share how they got their exes back).

6.  Work on your stuff.  There is a reason why he dumped you, something I'm sure you already know.  Mostly is because you're hard to please and filled with expectations, pushy, anxious and controlling aka a ball buster.  My Journey Inward will help you shift you so profoundly so your change becomes permanent, not just because you want him back, then you go back to your old pattern.

7.  Date again!  Really, even when the cells in your body are violently resisting it...do it anyway.  Getting all mopey and depressed won't help you get him back.  You see, Kate Middleton didn't stay home feeling sorry for herself.  She let herself be cooed and wooed by high-profile men that her Prince ex had to see all this in tabloids.  You can imagine how he might have felt.  You might not have the paparazzi in tow but your fabulous energy travels far especially in the era of social media.

And while navigating this very hard time, you can get the support you need.  Start with my ebook.  Remember, I'm not just selling an ebook but you also get to work closely with me in my enlightened community with a very small investment, in which over 2300 women who have been in your shoes will be your support system.  

Many of them are graduates of my programs with flying colors and they're giving their time and energy selflessly to help newbies like you, including Anabelle, Briana and those three ladies who just got engaged.

He's Really That Into You, He's Just Not Ready

And remember while you're waiting and waiting prices will continue to rise.  It's because I'm only one person vs. millions of you who need my help and guidance.

You're in good hands when you are my client and my daily success stories speak for themselves.