He Was So Anti Wedding, But He Proposed After Only 5 Months!

Published: Mon, 09/21/15

He Was So Anti Wedding, But He Proposed After Only 5 Months!

Hi ,

I'm back in Los Angeles and feeling recharged!  What a lovely trip that was with my parents and I shall do it again next year and every year.

Though I'm still jetlagged, work is calling so tomorrow I shall continue with the next class in the monthly membership which is a Goddess Interview with one of my success stories this year.

Feminine Goddess Enlightened Relationship

Her name is Sasha.  She is 23 and from South Africa.

She found me November last year, totally anxious and over analyzing everything her new guy whom she just dated in less than 2 months did or didn't do, said or didn't say.

She sent me so many pages of email detailing every little interaction she had with him that upon receiving it I just wrote her back to chill the heck out!  I said I could feel her extreme anxiety through the computer screen without even having to read everything.  I could only imagine how he must have felt.  LOL...

Didn't hear anything back.  Three weeks later she wrote:

"Hi Katarina

I came to you about 3 weeks a go an anxious wreck. Although I read your book I was still stubborn in my ways and didn't believe it worked. 

After a few days of going crazy, analyzing every single detail of my guy's actions/words, I eventually decided to give the book another go.  

I must admit, it saved me. I'd be lying if I said I don't obsess over him any more.  However, I've learn to keep it under control. I must say the funniest thing was when he started SAYING all the things that you point out in your book: 

After a few days of following the guidelines he started saying things like "You're so relaxed and cool about everything" and "I love how easy going this relationship is" and "You're so different from all the other suffocating exes I had" and the funniest one - "You bring this positive energy with you, and it makes me happy."

He has started talking regularly about how he's ready for a relationship now he just wants to make sure it's special when he asks me. He's even told me he thinks I'm "the one."  

Last weekend we spent all weekend together and to have a break I made plans on the Monday with some friends. I was surprised that he was upset that he got no invite. I was even more surprised when he apologized later for causing an argument over it, saying he just "can't get enough of spending time with me." 

Who's the obsessed one now? Hehehehe ;)

All I can say is WOW. Thank you for revealing a few small secrets which made a HUGE impact on my life."

She sent me two emails in December informing how much my teachings worked and asked for a little advice and then another one on February 15 informing me that she was engaged on Valentine's with the picture of her engagement ring attached (posted above):  

"Hi Kat,

4 months since I've come to you!  Photo says it all.

Love, Sash"

I was floored.  I thought he would claim her if she practiced what I taught in the book but what happened was wilder than my wildest dreams.  She proposed only after 5 months of dating after the initial roller-coaster of a typical anxious woman getting hooked on a guy.  

She shared further, "When I met my guy (just 5 months a go) he was so anti weddings, anti serious relationships, anti commitment. In fact, he told me a couple times that he was looking to have fun!  

But I fell hard and decided that come hell or high water I am pursuing this guy. I was way too forceful and made matters worse. I saw he was interested.  But then I'd freak out and chase him away.

Then I found Kat. I sent her an email which probably would have taken hours to read. Obsessing over every detail of our conversations, his actions etc. She advised to me to just read the book. I decided to give it a chance.

I started applying the book's tips immediately. I must say, without even doing it to the T, it worked. And I almost thought someone was playing a joke on me. How accurately it worked, I'm still amazed.

Anyway, fast forward 5 months (and I know many will think it's a bit too soon) and I have a ring. It happened on Valentine's day. We were having a couple photoshoot for Valentine's and he just got down on one knee. I will get photos from the photographer in a few days. We have discussed getting engaged but I didn't think it would be so soon.

I'm still in shock. But it feels right. I don't feel strange. All I am is happy. I do almost feel like it's added pressure on me to keep things balanced and good, the way they have been. But I know if I overthink it, it will do nothing but damage.

On the positive side... I am so happy. I never thought this wild one could be tamed. And I am so happy to say, he has such a soft heart. Not the guy I thought he was at all."

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He’s Really That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready

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Feminine Goddess Enlightened Relationship

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