From Broken Up to Engaged, In 11 Months

Published: Fri, 10/09/15

From Broken Up to Engaged, In 11 Months
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I wrote a broadcast message on Sept 21 and talked about Sasha and her Goddess Interview.  You can now get it here (3rd series, class #4).  Cause she was in South Africa the sound quality was less than desirable, hence you can get it for $10 off the normal $47 price ($37).

You can also pick any Goddess Interview on that page that suits your current situation.  They are the archetypes of Katarina's Ladies and through learning about their journeys you'll get some idea why their men are smitten with them.  And they will re-enforce your understanding of my unique Method that has given birth to 42 engagements in less than 2 years and 30 this year alone (based on that, it's 3 engagements/month in 2015).

Wait, wasn't she engagement no. 26 this year?

Yup, each time I look away from this newsletter I always go back with new engagement news (I know ...I know, you're tired of hearing it. :) ).  

From Sept 21 to today October 9, four engagements took place.  Check my FB wall to learn about their stories.  I'd like to talk about the latest one, Mary's which just happened two days ago.

She was already in the roster for the Goddess Interview before the news but she was always busy.  So coinciding with this happy news she'll be available next Wednesday October 14 at 6 pm EST.

I picked her because she is so inspiring.  Her boyfriend dumped her in November 2014.  Lucky, her mother is a Kat addict who never missed a class with me.  So she brought her to me and she read my book and signed up for the monthly membership.

In February they started seeing each other again.  She was still shaky then but she followed my advice to a tee, particularly dealing with her own reactiveness.

Miracles do happen and they can happen to you too!  

Here's what she shared back in May:  "Back in November my EUM and I had a bad break up, things were out of control.  We have a 1 yr old daughter.  I had been out of work for a year.  I was needy, codependent with way too much masculine energy and inevitably drove him away.

My mother Kathy who has been an active client of Katarina Phang for some time now introduced me to Kat and I purchased the her book and my life began to change. 
I learned to let things go not to dwell to lure with honey instead of vinegar. I started taking care of myself focusing on myself began accepting things as they are, no expectations. 

My EUM noticed changes as I surrendered to the situation and we began dating again. We now have a house together with both our names on it and a brand new relationship. 

I can't express my gratitude enough to Katarina Phang for showing me how to turn my life and my relationship around for the better, my EUM and I don't need each other we simply want each other.

Because of Kat's teachings I've learned to go with the flow and embrace each day with a clear slate and open mind. 

Without Kat I'd be one bitter irresponsible bitch and because of Kat I'm chilled, go with the flow, got my man back and haven't gotten in one single fight since we've been back together and now my family and I are moving into a house with both our names on it.

Thank you Kat for sharing your wisdom and making it possible. My life is so different my relationship is brand new its easy and its because of you sharing your wisdom with women like me.

I got my family back. A new beginning and when I feel myself slipping into old ways I resort to Kat's book "He's Really That Into You, He's Just Not Ready" my second Bible lol  This is my story and I couldn't be more happy!"

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up now to listen to her journey from brokenhearted to engaged in just short 11 months.  She is the second with similar stories after my client Kristie who got engaged only 5 months after she got her ex (now husband) back.

Sign up here:

There is no contract and you can cancel anytime but by being a member you get my classes by up to 50% discount.

My latest class last week, for example, Why Talking Less Makes You An Enigma To Be Unwrapped That Makes Him Smitten is already making a wave among the girls.  They rave about this class so much and some even think it's my best ever or at least on the same level as How to Be High-Value And Easy to Lose And How It Can Inspire Men to Step Up or How To Soften Your Boundaries So You Become Non Reactive And Irresistible (this one class is responsible for the 29th engagement).

I have so much knowledge I want to share with you.  Often though it can be most effectively conveyed through coaching.  My free articles and blog posts alone have changed so many lives.  I'm a generous giver and that is one of the reasons why I'm the most successful relationship coach today (not in terms of money but success rate).

In that light, I want to announce the launching of my Ultimate Program: Feminine Magnetism Group Coaching; The Art Of Being A Woman That Enraptures A Man's Heart.

This is an intensive program that will span 5-6 months that is the culmination of ALL the programs that I have conducted the past 2.5 years.  Why did I wait this long?

Because I wanted myself to evolve first.  It's a huge undertaking cause no one else has done it.  I have all the experiences and insights (and phenomenal success stories up my sleeve) to be able to give this class and make it my gift to humanity.  I have cracked all the codes that makes a woman stand out from the rest of the female population and with it makes a guy devote all his love and adoration on her, only her.  

I will reveal them all step-by-step and the hows on how to get there.  If you like all my programs now, this program will be 10 times more exciting than them all combined.  Your brain will be washed in a good way after the program. :)  You will no longer be inflicted with insecurities and lack most women are dealing with in dating and relationship. 

Sign up today for the early bird specials.  Starting next week price will start to climb up by $100, and the same every month till March when the program starts.

This will be the only group coaching I give for next year other than the monthly membership.  You don't have to worry about paying it all at once cause they're easy payment plans ranging from 2-10 times, bi-weekly or monthly.

This program is really a serious investment if you want a new life, in every way possible.  A life that is free from anguish, anxiety and suffering, romantically induced or otherwise.

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