Larnaka Region Newsletter WINTER 2019/20

Published: Wed, 12/11/19

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WINTER 2019/20
Enjoy Larnaka’s Winter Wonders
  With winter upon us, there is much to look forward to in Larnaka region this season, including an action-packed programme of Christmas celebrations, and a look ahead at some of the exciting projects that will complete in 2020, making the New Year a fantastic one that will offer an enhanced experience for both residents and visitors. Our beloved flamingo friends are back and as always, delighting all who catch a glimpse of them, whilst it is with the greatest pleasure that we have officially unveiled Larnaka’s first artificial reef that will soon thrive with diverse marine life. Our best wishes for a fun and festive holiday season, and a wonderful 2020 that includes quality time spent in lovely Larnaka region!  

Reef at the Ready!


The ‘Elpida’ and 'LEF1' vessels that will create Larnaka’s new artificial reefs have officially been sunk and will soon enrich marine life and diving options in Larnaka region.


2020: A Landmark Year for Larnaka Region


The New Year is set to be a landmark for Larnaka region as 2020 sees the completion of many, major projects that are set to upgrade facilities, services, infrastructure and leisure options, with additional projects also commencing.


Walk Through the Heart of Art


The heart of Larnaka’s art is found in the winding streets of the neighbourhoods parallel to Piale Pasha, with renovations on the way that will make the area a shining gem of creativity, tradition and nostalgia.


Events Sprinkled with Seasonal Cheer


If you are feeling festive then Larnaka region is the perfect place to be during the holiday season! You will find a warm and celebratory atmosphere and plenty of events both in the heart of town or at the charming villages of the region this Christmas.


Christmas Under the Sea


In a region surrounded by beautiful blue seas, it is only natural that Christmas would be celebrated beneath the waves too... and some of Larnaka’s divers do this annually with unique underwater tree decorating!


Flamingos with Flair


A Larnaka region winter is never complete without a visit from our pink-feathered flamingo friends, and true to form they are back and in a ‘festive’ spirit!

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