Larnaka Region Newsletter AUTUMN 2021

Published: Mon, 10/11/21

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An Autumn for All in Larnaka Region
  The lovely temperatures at this time of year - and the opportunity to still enjoy the sand and sea - make autumn in Larnaka region a warm and welcome extension of the summer. But the season also has its own charms and a wealth of outdoor activities and options to enjoy thanks to the comfortable drop in heat, making it a truly wonderful time of year to visit.  

Larnaka City Centre: 24 Things in 24 Hours


Larnaka city centre has so many attractions in its compact vicinity that even if you only have 24 hours to spend, you will find more than enough to see and do in just one day!


Super Season of Sport


Larnaka region is hosting a super season of sport with a varied calendar of local and international tournaments, games and marathons throughout autumn.


Biennale Larnaca: An Arts Extravaganza!


An extravaganza of art is coming to Larnaka city for the ‘Biennale Larnaca’, which takes place from October 13 - November 26 and encompasses a range of exhibitions and parallel events.


New Hotels on the Horizon


A host of new hotels are on the horizon for Larnaka region - including resort hotels, boutique establishments and even lodgings in historic, listed buildings, expanding the choice of accommodation available to visitors.


Artistic Twist to Traditional Crafts


If you visit Lefkara and Kato Drys villages this autumn you will see many impressive and intricate artworks based on the traditions of the villages, including huge lace motif wall murals.


Buzzing Along with the Larnaka Honeybee Nature Trails


The creation of the island’s first themed nature trails is buzzing along nicely with the formulation of the new ‘Larnaka Honeybee Nature Trails’ at three of the ‘Rural Larnaka Honey Villages’.

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