Leadership & Communication Insights, September 9th, 2015

Published: Wed, 09/09/15

Leadership & Communication Insights

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Welcome to the new edition of the Insights. I hope you have had a great summer time!

The feature article in this newsletter is about five metrics for leaders and managers. They are not focused on running a business but rather for improving how you lead your teams and projects. It includes one of my favourite metrics: "% of HIPP focus" (click to read the article to find out what that means :-) 

You will also find my top ten book recommendations for understanding organisations, including e.g. Nudge, a book that has completely changed my view on the how companies work.

This fall I am introducing a new seminar called "The Inspirational Speaker". It is the most advanced seminar I have ever given and will take place on October 19th in Brussels. See you maybe there?

Wishing you a great rest of the week!

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Lars Sudmann
Lars Sudmann

Lars Sudmann
Featured Article: Five Metrics for Leaders and Managers
A lot of individuals want to improve their leadership and team performance skills. But how do you actually do that? In this article I suggest an analytic approach: look at metrics around e.g. team decision making, communication and feedback and improve those over time. 
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New Advanced One Day Seminar: "The Inspirational Speaker" on October 19th, 2015, in Brussels, Belgium 
This is the most advanced seminar I have ever given. We will focus here on the essence of inspiration: how to appeal to the head, the heard, how to add humour and "heavy duty". It will be a highly interactive seminar with plenty of individual feedback as places are limited. This seminar is designed for everybody who wants to bring their speaking and presentation skills to the next level.
Top ten book recommendations on Understanding Organizations  
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Organisations are complex and fascinating. Sometimes it's worth to take a step back and see what the patterns in organisations look like, how they function. These are my top 10 recommendations for doing so. This list includes classics such as Peter Senge's The 5th Discipline as well as new classics such as Nudge.
Upcoming Speaking Events
  • International Business Growth (Association Keynote)
  • The Art of Change Leadership (Association Keynote)
  • Strategy in a day (In-house strategy development workshop)
  • The high performance team  (One Day Company team retreat)
  • Leading in the new world - strategies that make you future-proof (Association keynote)
  • Self-leadership: Critical Skill for the Project Manager of the 21st Century (Association Workshop)
  • Business Storytelling (in-house university seminar)       
  • The Inspirational Speaker – Open Seminar
  • And many more.
Links worth clicking
Public Speaking is indeed changing. Here is an overview of the "8 new rules of new public speaking". 

One of my blog posts over the summer around one of the key leadership strategies to follow: The Fire principle.

Here a very interesting analysis by a who has watched 146 startup pitches at the famous "Y-Combinator". One of the conclusions: "Social is dead". Worth a read on what is not dead as well.

Here an overview of the top blogs that I recommend and follow, including of course Seth Godin but also other gems such as James Altucher and Swissmiss: Read the full post here.

Business coaching & consulting
On top of my keynotes I offer highly targeted personal coaching and business consulting as well as inhouse workshops and teambuilding events around high-performance leadership, culture change and change management; strategy development; performance improvement; inspirational communication and more. Contact me to discuss how I can help you for your event or organisational improvement project.