Leadership & Communication Insights, October 29th, 2015

Published: Thu, 10/29/15

Leadership & Communication Insights

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Welcome to the new edition of the Insights.

The feature article in this newsletter is about the qualities of high performance teams. I propose a simple model: TTA - Think, Talk, Act. Read the article below to find out why, for instance, you need to avoid the combination "Think & Act but no Talk" at all cost. 

Have you already started to think about your year end or new year activities with your organisation? I have developed a new program on Change Leadership that could be perfectly suited for this occasion.

During this keynote or workshop we explore strategies to help you and and your organisation to deal with change in a highly engaging way. Maybe something for your upcoming event? You can read about this as well as about a brand-new open program on "The Art of Self-Leadership" below.

Some of you will have also noticed that I have increased the number of posts that I publish (every 5-10 days now on my blog and on LinkedIn). To keep you updated I have also included the most-viewed article "The Shark and the Coconut: Lessons for Leaders" as well as "How to be successful in a remote role" in below's overview.

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Lars Sudmann
Lars Sudmann

Lars Sudmann
Featured Article: The TTA framework: 3 elements of high performance for teams and individuals

How do you assess a high-performance team? And how do you make sure you are contributing your best to your team? I propose to look at the TTA Framework. This is a simple model that has been in my toolbox for some years. Read the article to see what are the pitfalls in this model and how to achieve best performance in all three areas. 
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New program: "The Art of Self-Leadership: Key to Business Success" in Brussels as of January 2016
Do you have this one thing that you want to achieve or change in your professional life? Maybe the new sales approach, or setting up a speaker business, or finally writing this book, or "getting international"? Or maybe you find yourself in a new, agile environment and need to re-focus the way you work? Then this new program is for you. It combines the best lessons from my company self-leadership programs as well as the key strategies from my entrepreneur coaching that I have conducted in the past. It is a unique program that will kick off as of January 2016. Interested? Read more or just reply to this email for more information.
Article: The Shark and the Coconut: Lessons for Leaders
Quickly, what kills more people in a given year: Sharks or coconuts? Read the article to learn more about the answer to this question and why this is relevant to your organisation. 
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October / November 2015 Speaking Sessions
  • Masterclass “The Inspirational Speaker” – This session was sold out, stay tuned for a new run in JFM16.
  • Management Seminar Self-Leadership
  • Keynote – Change Leadership (Association Speech)
  • Keynote – Leading in a Complex World (Business Conference)
  • Keynote – High-performance leadership (Association Speech)
  • Workshop – Debating strategies (Association Speech)
  • Management Seminar Creative Problem Solving
  • Management Seminar Business Presentations
  • Executive Retreat: Strategy Definition
  • Executive Program: Communicate with Impact
  • And many more.
Have you already thought about your year end or new year retreat or conferences? Contact me for a discussion on a highly engaging keynote or program around change, leadership and communication.
Links worth clicking
Here a nice link to a FastCompany article on the "6 lists you need to make every day more productive".

This post here addressed "5 metrics for business presenters." 

One of my other blog posts of the past weeks was about "How to be successful in a remote and virtual role"

Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE, as the following question worth reflecting on: "Would you want to work for...you?

This Harvard Business Review article is still one of the best overviews and accounts of change leadership that I have come by so far: Read the full post here.

Business coaching & consulting
On top of my keynotes I offer highly targeted personal coaching and business consulting as well as inhouse workshops and teambuilding events around high-performance leadership, culture change and change management; strategy development; performance improvement; inspirational communication and more. Contact me to discuss how I can help you for your event or organisational improvement project.