Leadership & Communication Insights, September 1, 2014

Published: Mon, 09/01/14

Leadership & Communication Insights

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Welcome to the new edition of the "Insights". 

This time I want to share with you two articles: one on "Analyze your meetings" and one on "The one key ingredient to success that you can learn from Ricky Gervais and The Wire."

I recommend to check out my top 10 books on practical psychology which you will find in the section "links worth clicking." 

And very special for you: on September 25th, 2014, I will offer unique 1-day masterclass in Brussels. The topic: "Speak like a leader", a highly interactive seminar for a small group of individuals.

Wishing you a great week!
Lars Sudmann

Lars Sudmann
Featured Article: The one key ingredient for success you can learn from Ricky Gervais and "The Wire"
Sometimes we're surprised where we can find inspiration for (communication) success. Here's what I learned about success in communication and business life in general from sources such as the TV show The Wire and Ricky Gervais. 
Featured Article: Analyze your meetings - three strategies for more impact
Many leaders spend often more than half of their time in meetings. But are the meetings truly effective and efficient? Read three strategies and ideas for your long-term meeting success.
Speak like a Leader: September 25th in Brussels
On popular demand: an intensive 1-day course on Sep 25, 2014, in Brussels on the topic "Speak like a leader". We will maximize interaction and feedback with one objective in mind: To sharpen your executive communication skills and help you to speak like a leader. The seminar will draw on the greatest techniques from championship speaking, TED as well as top leaders and entrepreneurs.
Upcoming Speaking Events
  • Leading in the new world: key trends that leaders need to know
  • The Power of Communication for finance executives: Corporate Keynote event
  • Keynote speech at the PMI BE/Lux conference: The Power of Communication
  • I will be pitching PresMaster -the the online presentation coach application startup that I co-founded- at the Pirate startup event in Cologne
  • "The Psychology of Decision Making": Corporate Keynote speech
  • Creative Business Problem Solving: Business Seminar
Links worth clicking
Nice article from INC about a Scandinavian start-up and its leadership culture called: "Scandinavian Leadership model: No desk, no office, no problem." Read the full article here.

Here a list of my top 10 book recommendations on "practical psychology". What are your top recommendations? I'm curious to hear about them.

For the coffee addicts: "Exactly how much and how often should you be drinking coffee." Article and experiment review by FastCompany.
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