Leadership & Communication Insights, February 15th, 2016

Published: Mon, 02/15/16

Leadership & Communication Insights

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Welcome to the new edition of the Insights.

The feature article in this newsletter is about Self-Leadership. I present you seven metrics and strategies, with inspirations from Jerry Seinfeld, Warren Buffett and many more.  

I am traveling quite extensively over the next weeks for various keynotes in European cities, and it would be great to catch up with you there.

Also very excited to announce that I will be speaking again at a TEDx event this spring. More news to come and via Social Media channels

Because the last event was sold out, I am hosting another version of my most advanced speaking master class, called “The Inspirational Presenter”. It will be on April 15th in Brussels. See details below. Would be great to meet you there!

Check out as well the articles in the section "Links worth clicking". On top of some impactful articles and resources I have added a link to a hilarious video called "The Expert" which I highly recommend. 

Wishing you a great start of the week!

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Lars Sudmann

Lars Sudmann

Lars Sudmann
Featured Article: Seven metrics for Self-leadership

Jerry Seinfeld was once asked what his advice for aspiring comedians was. His answer? "Don’t break the chain. Write comedy EVERY SINGLE DAY, even if it is just one single line." The same holds true for all of our efforts and plans. My recommendation: Pick one thing you want to focus on and do something every single day. More metrics and strategies in this new post here:
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Advanced Masterclass: "The Inspirational Presenter" in Brussels on April 15th, 2016

Do you want to inspire others? Do you want to take your leadership skills to the next level? Then this masterclass is for you.

It is the highest-level session and most advanced masterclass that I offer.

Highlights and Flow of the Day

  • How great speakers inspire
  • What are the patterns of inspiration
  • The 5 H of inspiration for your next presentation:
  • Head: How to appeal to the head and present wow data. Learn how to “dance with data” and present complexity in an appealing way.
  • Heart: How to appeal to the “heart.” Advanced storytelling techniques, visual story development and more.
  • Humor: Learn the patterns of humor and how they can be applied: Yes, also you can include humour in your speech, but it has nothing to do with telling jokes. Did you know that humour, inspiration and presentation success are highly correlated? Read this analysis here.
  • Heavy Duty: Inspirational Presenters link their topics to the big picture. Learn strategies on how to do that in the most engaging way.
  • Hand: We get inspired if things get done, if people get moving. Learn strategies to bring action to your presentation.
  • Learn about large group dynamics and how you can master them.
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New book recommendations: Top 10 books on inspirational speaking and advanced presenting
Do you want to bring your speaking skills to the next level? Here are ten books that I recommend that give you the tools and strategies to stretch your public speaking skills. 
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Feb/March 2016 Open Speaking Sessions
  • High-performance leadership - in collaboration with PMI Belgium, February 19th. seat left.
  • Keynote: Engaging Leadership
  • Executive Program: Communicate with Impact
  • Keynote: Change Leadership (Association Speech - Sweden)
  • Keynote: High-performance leadership (Association Speech - France)
  • Various change implementations
  • And many more.
Have you already thought about your new year management retreat or spring conferences? Contact me for a discussion on a highly engaging keynote or program around change, leadership and communication.
Links worth clicking
Excellent article about life in general "How to move through the four stages of life."

One of my other blog posts of the past weeks was about "How to boost the ROI of your meetings with these ten strategies."

If you have ever hired an expert or if you are an expert, this hilarious video will make you laugh and reflect at the same time.

Business coaching & consulting
On top of my keynotes I offer highly targeted personal coaching and business consulting as well as inhouse workshops and teambuilding events around high-performance leadership, culture change and change management; strategy development; performance improvement; inspirational communication and more. Contact me to discuss how I can help you for your event or organisational improvement project.