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that sublease could be a mine field!

Published: Tue, 07/13/21

Lease Intelligence Don't Leave The Most Complicated Lease Transactions To The Amateurs If you follow commercial real estate trends, you may have…

Foot dragging kills deals,

Published: Tue, 06/15/21

Lease Intelligence Foot Dragging Kills Deals When you haggle over the purchase of a used car, what is your most powerful tool? It is, of course the…

Why lease when you can buy, ?

Published: Tue, 05/04/21

Lease Intelligence The Eternal Lure Of Building Ownership There are circumstances when it makes sense to buy and finance a property rather than lease.

Finally, -- commercial rents are dropping

Published: Tue, 04/06/21

Lease Intelligence Good News For Tenants (But Not So Good For Landlords): Rents Are Dropping It took a year, but the unrelenting stress the COVID-19…

What's the use, ?

Published: Tue, 03/09/21

Lease Intelligence What's The Use? Pay Attention...This Is Important! It is certainly reasonable for a landlord to want to know just who they are…

Have you heard of this new office strategy, ?

Published: Tue, 02/23/21

Lease Intelligence The Hub and Spoke Office Concept Is About As New As The Wagon Wheel The work at home tsunami that came in the pandemic’s wake…

To lease or to buy, that is the question, .

Published: Tue, 02/09/21

Lease Intelligence Buying A Building Makes Sense...Sometimes A lot of active businesses are asking me if now is a good time to buy instead of lease.

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