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Published: Tue, 04/24/12

Monster Magic,

Back from the land of Aussie and already back into the swing of things. I completed a 30-day, non-stop, 1,165-mile journey down the Murray River in southeastern Australia, solo style. I talked to the birds, grazed with the kangaroos, molded to the rivers current, got tanned like a rat, smelled like a trash can... and it made me very happy. Full report and chill little video coming soon.

New Loaded/Otang Video - "Sushi Roll"

Jben and I filmed this video back in the fall of 2011. 'Tis a shame we are just now releasing it but hey, the cat can only run as long as his tail.... I am not sure what that means. Jben is bringing back dancing. Having a fun time on the Bhangra, we explore locations around LA and Marina Del Rey. We even take a trip to the Baldy tunnels and Jben hurts his knee while trying to rescue an injured water rat. For about half the video his knee is not feeling so hot, but he musters up the drive to fight through it. Jben is the one that created the really sick animation of the bird hitting the window and the Bhangra turning to marbles, so not only is he a talented rider but also a talented visual effects artist.

Enjoy the video HERE

Long Treks Episode 7- Gorge Du Dades

Who was the idiot that took so long to edit this video and get it out? Well that idiot was me, Mr. Adam Richard Colton IV. Sorry it has taken a ridiculous 4 months to release this episode. And no, this is not the last episode either; there are still 3 more I'd say.

We skate an epic hill in Episode 7, go through some amazing scenery and bask in pure stokedness. Enjoy the episode.


The Dervish was released back in 2007 and was a really great board for Loaded. It was one of the boards that really took off and allowed us to explore. If you want to take a trip down memory lane, check out the Whirling Dervish video:

Why do we refer to it in the past tense? Just giving you a heads up that some changes are on the way in the merry month of May. More info to come.
ALSO, if you know of any amazing paved paths to film a skate video on in the CA or AZ area please email me at

Loaded Freeride/DH Board

"BUT WAIT!!! We want the Loaded Freeride/DH board!" Yes, we have seen that from your emails and comments. The freeride/DH board is gaining ground, my friends. Will it be out this year? YEP. Why are you all making so many protos? Because we are trying to go after the Guinness world record for most protos. We are almost there....

Dead For the Last Time

To read about the video and see filming pics click here.

As I continue to film and edit videos I am looking for new ways to challenge myself, do something different. Paul Kent, Dane Webber and I have created a little mini movie, where the story is the main idea and skating is secondary. I would say this video features some of my best cinematography to date; we shot in a variety of beautiful locations. I had a blast playing around with sound effects, my friend Sam did an original score, and Jon nailed it with special effects. This video may make you laugh, cry, yell, sweat and smile... or perhaps you will hate it. Think balance.


Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!



See what Board-Mag has to say about the board attack.

Website Update

We got a fancy new contact page on our website. Big thanks to Mario for being awesome. This contact page is a lot more in depth and is going to help us out in the long run. Check it out and see the options.


Wanted to post this video of our bud Jonathan Jelkin, speed flying all over Southern CA. Jonathan has been very involved with Loaded videos for over 2 years now. Jon was the one who directed and filmed Timebomb, Of Troglodytes and Men, and Sun Dried Tomatoes; he has also done countless color corrections, special effects and intro animations for our videos.

Speed flying is an up and coming sport, very popular in Europe and slowly gaining attention in the USA. Jon got me into speedflying and it is a new passion of mine. Here is Jon shreddin it up. WATCH IT HERE.


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