LWP Newsletter for Week of April 30, 2013

Published: Tue, 04/30/13

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This Week's Blog: Critic(al) Thinking

In this week's blog, LWP Janet writes about the critics surround us, and how they use words, body language, and actions to convey their opinions. Even when comments and actions are hurtful or mean-spirited, there can be a morsel of truth in them that you may benefit from - though that is often hard to see. Next time you start to criticize someone, stop. It's easy to put others down, but put yourself in the other person's position and think about what you would want to hear. After reading the blog, share your stories of dealing with critic(al) thinking.

Milestone Monday: Women of the Wall

The verdict is in: it is no longer a violation for women to pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Women of the Wall is a group dedicated to achieving the social and legal recognition of women's rights in order to wear prayer shawls and pray aloud at the Western Wall. The group has led the battle for religious freedom, which displeases Israel's ultra-Orthodox religious establishment.

Dream and Wave Catchers

Two Palestinian sisters have been following their passion - continuing to surf despite the cultural disapproval of girls participating in sports. Their family remains encouraging of their athletic endeavors, and the teens have been able to hold onto their identity and love of the waves in spite of cultural pressures.

Rosin Ignores Data, Conjures Uber-Powerful Women

Hanna Rosin's new book, The End of Men and the Rise of Women, portrays a fast-growing matriarchy in the United States, where women are the main income earners and family decision makers. Not all agree with Rosin's assertions that women are wielding their clout at work and home, however. Data suggests that two salary couples are doing well and women are promoting men.

Moms Who Inspire

Working moms and dads have influence on those around them. In honor of upcoming Mother's Day, Randi Zuckerberg shares 7 moms who have inspired her.

Women (not) in Green Jobs

Green energy jobs are one of the fastest growing sectors - almost 4 times the national job growth rate. But, only 12% of workers are women!


It can be hard to figure out when to use your heart and head when you're in a negotiation. This article lays out several strategies to use in negotiations. 

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