LWP Newsletter for Week of May 7, 2013

Published: Tue, 05/07/13

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This Week's Blog: How Women Claim Authority

In this week's blog, LWP is featuring a story that highlights Hannah Riley Bowles' research on how women claim authority. Bowles, a Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard's Kennedy School conducts research on gender in negotiation and the attainment of leadership positions. Many women follow the traditional rules of career advancement in the hopes of gaining leadership positions and authority; Bowles describes new methods through which women are achieving greater success. This past weekend, LWP Janet attended the Kennedy School's "Women and Power" course, led by Bowles. After reading the blog, let us know your views and experiences.

Milestone Monday: Italian Leaders

This past week, Italy's new prime minister, Enrico Letta, appointed seven women to the Cabinet - nearly one third of the 22 Cabinet-level posts in Italy. The appointment of so many women to positions of power also reflects the high number of women in the new Italian parliament - which is now close to a third of the seats, up from 20 percent in the last Italian parliament..

Eve Ensler Speaks Out

Last Tuesday, Eve Ensler spoke about her battle with cancer, and how it has helped her reconnect with her body - issues she discusses in her new memoir, The Body of the World. NBC's today show hosted Ensler, who appeared with V-Day supporter Maria Shriver.

Spare Rib Feminism

The ground breaking feminist magazine Spare Rib is making a comeback after a 25-year hiatus. The magazine's legacy is one of "radical feminism" and could bring a fresh infusion to the multitude of feminist publications, websites, and twitter feeds currently online.

Single Motherhood Rises

The birth rate for single mothers increased by 80% between 1980 and 2007 in the U.S. However, there were differences based on socio-economic factors and demographics.

Lead in Lipstick

Among other potentially toxic metals, lead has been found in several lipsticks - mainly in drugstore brands. Lead is dangerous at any detectable level; look at this list to see how much your shade has in it!


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