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Published: Fri, 03/21/14

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Welcome Back from LWP:

The Leading Women Project is happy to announce that our extended summer vacation is now over (it's heading into fall in the southern hemisphere!). LWP will be publishing new blogs, resurfacing old ones, and sending out weekly newsletters focusing on women and leadership.

This Week's Blog: The More Things Change, They Stay the Same

In this week's blog, originally published February 2013, LWP Christine writes about expectations held by baby boomer women. They believed that working hard and being good in their roles would affect change for future generations of women. Serious advancement of women has never gained traction in terms of leadership, politics, and economics - it was supposed to be different by now. So why do things feel as though so little has changed? After reading the blog, share your opinions by commenting on the blog.

Volunteering for Career Progress

While many individuals volunteer for the altruistic, and/or benefits, they fail to recognize the potential career gains that can also come as a result of their volunteer activities. When you continually support the same organization, opportunities arise to take on leadership roles, develop and hone new skills that can be applicable in the office, expand social and professional networks, and become more visible as a community leader. If career progression is one of your volunteering outcomes, choose carefully because the right opportunities can help women move up the career ladder.

LWP Co-founders in Ft. Worth, Texas

On Monday March 24th, LWP Co-Founders Janet and Christine will be giving the keynote address for the 2014 Texas Women in Higher Education Annual Meeting in Ft. Worth. Their speech, "Changing the Conversation," focuses on finding new approaches to increasing gender parity. Janet and Christine will each also lead a workshop at the conference. LWP Janet's is on "Getting a Seat at the Table: Mentors, Sponsors & Personal Strategies." LWP Christine's workshop centers on "The Role of Men in Gender Equality."

Balancing Acts

Women in leadership positions are often forced into a double-bind. They're expected to lead effectively, while acting in a likable manner - a new type of balancing act.

Profitable Women

A study of Italian family-owned firms shows that, on average, when a woman replaces a male CEO the firm's profitability improves.

Engineering Girls

Toy company GoldieBlox focuses on making innovative STEaM-geared toys for girls. Watch an advertisement here.

Bonus Blogs

This week LWP will be posting some "bonus blogs". Keep checking our website to stay up to date.

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