LWP Newsletter for Week of March 19, 2013

Published: Tue, 03/19/13

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This Week's Blog: Losing to Love

Ever felt like you lost to romance when a friend chooses love over friendship? It hurts. Putting a romantic partner first is fine, but if it means abandoning your friends, it is smart to think hard about whether this is what you really want to happen. Spending time with both a partner and friends is a balancing act; it's important to be intentional with your choices. After reading the blog, share your stories and experiences of balancing romance and friends.

Milestone Monday: The EU

Last week, the European Union passed a non-binding resolution to support funding for women's job training and entrepreneurship; the resolution would offset recent social spending cuts. Poverty has a female face - the economic crisis hits women the hardets. The EU responded with a resolution to invest in women.

Mark Your Calendars for April

In the United States, April is Sexual Awareness Month. In addition, April 24th is International Denim Day - a day for protesting against blaming victims, a practice which began in the 1990s after an Italian court concluded that because an alleged rape victim had been wearing tight jeans the rape was her fault. Though almost 20 years old, this notion has unfortunately remained in our culture.

French Revolution of Women

The mayor race in Paris is shaping up to have an all-female ballot; a first for the country, and a real advance for women in politics everywhere. Why is there concern about a possible all-female race for Paris' mayor? Because the conversation about the race has shifted away from political issues to gender and appearances.

Calling all College Students:

Enter this OpEd contest to write about victim blaming, sexual violence and more to honor Denim Day. Check it out here.

Women at Negotiations

Why do women lose negotiations they should win? See what some leading women have to say on the topic: using the I-We approach can help you win!

Who's Talking to the Dads?

Working dads need to be a part of work-life choice talks, not just working moms!

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