LWP Newsletter for Week of April 2, 2013

Published: Tue, 04/02/13

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This Week's Blog: You, You, You, and Code Switching

In this week's blog, @LWP Janet describes how we are constantly moving between our various roles, and the importance of being able to switch how you communicate depending on the circumstance. For some, this comes naturally; others need more coaching and practice to be able to do this effectively. Code switching helps us move fluidly between roles, allowing us to use words that are appropriate in different situations. After reading the blog, share stories about how you have switched codes.

Milestone Monday: International Men's March to Stop Rape & Gender Violence

This week, LWP is highlighting the efforts of WalkAMileInHerShoes.org, an awareness-raising campaign to rally support around the causes, effects, and remedies for sexual assault and domestic violence. WAMIHS is all about walking the talk, literally. To better understand things from a woman's perspective, men are asked to walk one mile in high-heeled shoes, which gets people talking and opens communication about sexualized violence. April is full of walks in different communities; check out the calendar or create a walk in your area.

Ending Sexual Violence

Foreign Minister William Hague is working to stop sexual violence in war, but is that sufficient? Geoffrey Dennis proposes that the root of the violence - sexual inequality - is the real issue that needs to be tackled. Only after there is equality can sexual violence be put to an end. The G8 plans on discussing the issue of ending sexual violence in war, which is important, but what about ending sexual violence in non-war areas?

Sharing Weight Online

Having a positive body image is one thing, but literally baring it all online is another. Brittany Gibbons decided to go public with her weight by posting it online, and from her writings, appears to now be even more self-empowered. Sharing what a real body, not an airbrushed or model-starved body looks like, confirmed how she feels about her body. How many women could do the same?.

New App for Feminist Media

A new app, Not Buying It, is being created to call out sexist media, and praise positive media for women.

Swedish Mannequins

In Sweden, shop mannequins reflect the sizes and shapes of real women, a nice comparison to the idealized version of women. Other countries should take a hint! 

Communication Tools

Want to know the magic words for getting what you want? This article has 8 great words to use to accomplish your goals in life.

Abortion Bill

A state bill on the floor in Washington would require all insurers to cover abortions if passed.

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