LWP Newsletter for Week of April 16, 2013

Published: Tue, 04/16/13

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This Week's Blog: 'Til Death Do Us Part

In this week's blog, LWP Janet writes about marriage and commitment; and what factors influence the stability of relationships. Divorce rates are still around 50% - a rather daunting and depressing statistic, especially to someone who has attended two weddings in the past 6 months, confident and hopeful that both will endure the test of time. After reading the blog, share your thoughts about what contributes to the endurance of relationships.

Milestone Monday: Julia Pierson

This week, LWP gives a shout out to Julia Pierson, the first woman to head up the Secret Service. Pierson, a long time agent who joined the service after three years as a police officer, is taking over at a time when the agency is still under scrutiny for inappropriate male behavior. It is hoped that Pierson can turn the male-dominated culture around, and restore the Secret Service's culture to reflect values of gender respect.

Working Happy

The happiest people are those who pursue the most difficult problems. What about happiness in the workplace? According to Rosabeth Moss Kanter, work has two components: immediate tasks and the chance to make a difference. Working happy includes mastery, membership, and meaning. Making a difference in the world, big or small, is real work.

Voices Heard Over Rape Lyrics

Reebok recently dropped rapper Rick Ross as one of its spokespeople because of his date-rape lyrics, and his lack of remorse in response to criticism. On April 4th, protesters with the feminist group UltraViolet marched outside of an NYC Reebok store, and delivered a petition demanding Reebok break ties with Ross. Score one for Reebok, and the folks who signed the petitions objecting to the date rape culture displayed in his music.

Russian Feminism

A Russian Orthodox priest believes feminism threatens religious bastions that make women submissive to family husbands & religion.

Women & Bias

A poll shows women still experience significant bias in the workplace, despite advances in social issues.


Ladypoints is a new web series, focused on celebrating women who have come to define success in their own terms.

Boston Marathon

LWP's thoughts go to everyone affected by yesterday's tragic events in Boston.

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