LWP Newsletter for Week of April 23, 2013

Published: Tue, 04/23/13

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This Week's Blog: Executive Feminism

This week, we are featuring a guest blog written by Whitney Johnson and Lisa Joy Rosner. The authors describe executive feminism and how it can help more than just the top tier. Johnson and Rosner provide an elegant analysis of the cost of making noise, looking at the massive social media conversations that Melissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg, and Ann Marie Slaughter have inspired, drawing some unsurprising conclusions. Whether or not you agree with any or all of the Mayer/Sandberg/Slaughter triad, their willingness to advocate for women has catapulted the topic into public forums and made it a real part of the conversation. After reading the blog, share your thoughts on the guest blog, and the impact that Mayer, Sandberg and Slaughter have had on bringing executive feminism to the forefront.

Milestone Monday: Emerging Leaders

The Boston Marathon Bombing was a call to action, prompting the world to reflect and admire not only professionals but the everyday people who rose to help those around them. Most people think of leadership in the context of business, but leaders are all around us - and this becomes evident during times of crisis.

"He Works for Me"

There are still plenty of stereotypes, including a common assumption made when male and female colleagues are approached: many assume the male is the boss, whether it is in an innocent or discriminatory manner. What do you do when something like this happens? Literature suggests that there is a benefit in explaining the mistake, and not letting the wrong assumption slide.

Is Italy Ready for a Woman President?

On Thursday, Italian lawmakers will begin voting for the next President. Women are still considered the primary caregivers at home, and are less than half of the work force, but hold a record 31% of Parliament seats. There is a movement to suggest support for a woman candidate for president, though it is unlikely to happen this year.

Feminist Bullies?

"Princeton Mom" accuses feminists of bullying women into the workplace, and suggests finding your mans before you shrivel up.

Rape Tragedies

Gang rape, and shameless bragging about it, has resulted in some victims feeling like their world has ended and taking their lives. Why does our society make it more shameful to be the victim than the attacker?

Tricks to Happiness

This HuffPo article gives a list of three things that happy and successful people do. These tips to approaching life can be useful to finding happiness both at home and at the office.

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