Dominate your middle school tryout - Step #09 - Take Action

Published: Fri, 10/09/15

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Dominate Your Middle School Tryout - 9 Part Series
This week we conclude our 9 part series around the best way to raise athletes that dominate in their respective sport.  We've discussed how we got to the model that is widespread in American sports today, and we've looked at alternatives that are superior.  It's all about the number of touches- and doing the travel sports math the answer is often not in travel sports teams.  We've also looked at the best ways to prepare physically and mentally for middle school tryouts and tips to stand out during the tryout itself.  The 8 sessions have tons of great takeaways, if you missed any of them you can check them out here:

So where do we go from here?
The message is not that all travel sports are evil.  Rather, the key point is that most parents are blindly signing up for travel team after travel team because that is what they think is best for their kids.  Don't conform to this way of thinking.  Your family life and your child's development are too important to walk blindly into. Think through whether there is a better way to develop your child's sports passions. Be bold to do thing differently and investigate whether there is a better way. George Bernard Shaw said:
‘The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they don’t find them, they make them.’

Well I can't find the circumstances I want in most travel sports' teams - so I'm going to make the circumstances I want.  And here's what I'm going to do about it:
‘Ideas without action are worthless’
Power of masterminds
​I know going it alone isn't the way to succeed in life.  I've joined masterminds for Bible-studies and others for like-minded entrepreneurs.  So I'm going to start a mastermind with like-minded sports parents.  Parents who aren't satisfied with just doing rec sports and having mediocre athletes.  Parents who want to be able to say:
‘My kid is having dinner with the family and kicking the butt of your kid who is never home while playing year-round travel sports.' 

If you are interested in taking action and jumping in this group of world-changers - I'm going to set up a free web call where we can discuss making this happen.  This group will look at things like:
  • Join other frustrated parents to implement solutions on online video summits 
  • Shared resources for finding private coaches and small-area-games
  • Video sessions on physical training, mental toughness, goal-setting
  • Invite like-minded sports parents to join the movement
Be parents who changes the current environment - jump on our call and listen, share, strategize.  The call will be later in October.

To steal from the College football playoff motto: 'Who's in?'
No fancy sign-up page, just reply to this email saying you're interested - and we'll get you the details.
Make winning your habit starting today,
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"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men"
- Frederick Douglass