New Series - Coaching is Teaching - Part 01

Published: Fri, 10/16/15

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Coaching is Teaching

One of the most fascinating pieces I have come across in studying coaching is a short 4-page article by Tharp & Gallimore from 1976 in which they observed John Wooden's practices for the 1974-1975 season and recorded every interaction he had with his players. It's called 'What a coach can teach a teacher' - check it out here: TharpGallimore.  In this new series we'll look at the 7 key concepts to teaching taken from resources like this Wooden article and my interviews with 55+ coaches on the WYC podcast.

Part 1 - Teaching is about relationships

Tharp/Gallimore observation of John Wooden:
it is also obvious that Wooden’s off-court relationship with the players is a factor in the player response to his teaching.  Some clues to the nature of this player-coach relationship are evident in Wooden’s autobiography. “I often tell my players that next to my own flesh and blood, they are the closest to  me. They are my children. I get wrapped up in them, their lives and their problems.” It is clear to the players that Wooden is truly concerned about them.  He takes a group of young men, many with superstar potential, and convinces them that they can best serve their self-interest by subordinating personal pride to team effort.'

'Teaching is about relationships.  Connect with the kid first – then you just need to stay one step ahead of them regarding the technical skill teaching'. – Steve Boyle, Founder 241 Sports

John O'Sullivan from Changing the Game Project shared with me the following quote from Dr. Martin Toms’: ‘When you are coaching sports – you don’t coach a sport, you coach a child

Ken Stuursma shared with me a Sam Rutigliano fundamental: 'Kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care'

​It's common to get wrapped up the technical aspect of how to teach a skill, but that is secondary to establishing a relationship with the child and really understanding their needs first.  
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