There has to be a better way...Find out tomorrow

Published: Wed, 10/28/15

Ever said one of these?

'​Our family doesn't ever have meals together anymore, we're too busy with kids' travel sports...There has to be a better way.'

'My 5th Grader's travel coach doesn't want her to play any other sports...There has to be a better way'

'It seems like all the joy has been taken out of youth sports...There has to be a better way'

The good news is: There is a better way!

Join us tomorrow to learn more

Thursday, October 29th at 12:30 p.m. EST, 11:30 CST
Free 30 minute web call where we will share strategies including: 
  • Join other frustrated parents to implement solutions on online video summits 
  • Shared resources for finding private coaches and small-area-games
  • Video sessions on physical training, mental toughness, goal-setting
  • Invite like-minded sports parents to join the movement
Stop being a slave to travel sports and RETAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FAMILY.  Only you can.
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