Coaching is Teaching - Part 07 - 'Practice is Everything'- Pete Carroll

Published: Fri, 12/04/15

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It's tryout season

Lots of tryouts going on right now - it can be a stressful time for coaches, parents, and kids.

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Coaching is Teaching - Part 7 - Practice is Everthing
As we wrap up our Teaching is Coaching series, there is no better way to summarize the series than simply state that practice is everything.  In a study of Pete Carroll's teams in Forbes magazine the author found:

Pete Caroll’s teams are legendary for practicing at a higher level than other teams.  He instills his ‘always compete’ mantra that’s less focused on winning than on being at one’s best. Each practice they focus on learning, reaching one’s best and for bringout the best in every other teammate, all in a spirit of healthy competition and collaboration. – Excerpt from Rob Asghar in Forbes Magazine, Aug 2014

'You have to keep the kids engaged by keeping it competitive and fun – play a game like dribble tag – put it to music and do it for 5 to 7 minutes at a high energy level.’ – Randy Montgomery, Head Coach of over 700 High School basketball games and studied personally under John Wooden

'Teach a concept, drill a concept.  Then allow time for free play for them to try it on their own'. – John Doss, Varsity High School Lacrosse Coach

‘At the youth level of sports – you don’t want more reps- you want better reps.’  More leads to drudgery and hating the sport.  Better leads to excitement and loving the sport.' – Robert Taylor, Smarter Team Training Founder

I hope you learned as much as I did in preparing this series on Teaching is Coaching. As coaches we are stepping into the classroom, but most of us have never been formally trained as teachers.  If you missed any of the previous sessions, I'll be posting the entire series on the website over the next few weeks.
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