Caring for Marriage

A brief message to inspire and encourage you in your marriage, present or future.

Marriage Moats- Think it Through

Published: Thu, 09/21/23

Marriage MoatsCaring for Marriage Think it Through Photo: I am thinking about offering to teach adult quilt classes. It will be a star pattern which…

Marriage Moats-Cable Knits

Published: Wed, 09/20/23

Cable Knits Caring for Marriage Where are your sweaters? You probably know. Some people store them in the attic, or in plastic bags in the basement.

Marriage Moats- Character Development

Published: Tue, 09/19/23

Marriage MoatsCaring for Marriage Character Development Photo: Jenny Stein It is an investment of time to watch a series. It didn't feel that way when…

Marriage Moats-Water into Wine

Published: Mon, 09/18/23

Marriage MoatsCaring for Marriage Water into Wine Photo: Stephen Conroy The first miracle that Jesus performed was a doozy. Plus it was at a wedding,…

Marriage Moats- Little Dresses

Published: Sun, 09/17/23

Marriage MoatsCaring for Marriage Little Dresses Photo: A friend who has been toting around a bo of little dresses for the last two decades asked if I…

Marriage Moats- Remember You're the Greatest

Published: Sat, 09/16/23

Marriage MoatsCaring for Marriage Remember You're the Greatest Photo: Stephen Conroy If I had only seen the title I might not have opened it. I do…

Marriage Moats- Traffic

Published: Fri, 09/15/23

Marriage MoatsCaring for Marriage Traffic Photo: Stephen Conroy My life has the lu ury of no commute. Besides the parts of my jobs that happen from…

Marriage Moats-Spotify

Published: Thu, 09/14/23

Marriage MoatsCaring for Marriage Spotify Photo: When I first began spinning songs fifty years ago, I had not the merest aspirations for their…

Marriage Moats- Meeting Point

Published: Wed, 09/13/23

Marriage MoatsCaring for Marriage Meeting Point Photo:Joy Cole There are people whose job it is to meet in the middle. When there are conflicts, it…

Marriage Moats- Costumes

Published: Tue, 09/12/23

Marriage MoatsCaring for Marriage Costumes Photo: Helping with our granddaughter's costume reminded me of past Halloweens for our family. There was an…

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