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He Called her a "Poor Little Insignificant Woman"

Published: Fri, 06/14/24

Updated: Fri, 06/14/24

But she saved George Washington's Army June 14, 2024Hello, Some say Lydia Darragh was America's first woman spy. Listening through a keyhole she…

A Few Choice Words the Men Could not Ignore

Published: Fri, 06/07/24

Updated: Fri, 06/07/24

June 7, 2024Hello, Sometimes it comes to me at the end of the day, the perfect words I wish I would have said, the perfect zinger or words that might…

Update From a Writer's Life ❤️

Published: Fri, 05/24/24

May 24, 2024Hello, This week I wrote "The End" on my latest work-in-progress! It's a mystery novel for teens, a complete pivot from my prior work.

Malice Domestic. What is that???😀

Published: Fri, 04/26/24

2024Hello, No feature story today. I'm taking the week off to attend Malice Domestic, a mystery writers' conference, my first ever! Malice Domestic is…

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