Officially Today

Published: Mon, 10/31/11

100% Today
As I get ready for Halloween tonight it's official.....
I would rather be spending time with  my family playing with my kids and watching their faces (or mouth since they are both wearing batman and batgirl masks) grin from happiness than work.
I have trained thousands of people online and the one simple fact is people cut their life short because they are "trying to make it happen".
Whatever your reason is to make money online the simple fact is if you are only getting paid a PORTION of what your generating how can you stay afloat?
I mean, would you like to go to work and make $5,000 in a month only to see  $1,500 deposited in your bank account?
The government already takes their cut.
But the nail in the coffin is when your spending huge amount of time and your OWN money to promote a product or business and they think it's the GREATEST payout and they pay you 10% of your gross sales. 
I live in America and that is straight up robbery.
How are you going to tell me I can work for you, use my time, my money, and you pay me pennies on the dollar I made FOR YOU?
I'm not taking it anymore.
I'm standing up for myself AND everyone else.
You deserve better.
You deserve TO BE PAID BETTER!
You deserve A RAISE!

I'm here to cause a riot online. I'm here to educate you that getting ripped off as marketers is unacceptable.
Here is my plan to giving you an Instant Raise and My team will even do the selling for you and YOU keep 100%. Yeah.
Crazy but so is Halloween corn candy and kids still eat it.
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