Treat Before Halloween

Published: Sun, 10/30/11

We Are LIVE!
Today is the day before Halloween.
 I'm probably going to be taking my kids out on trick or treat action and they are going as batgirl and batman. 
I'm just going as a concerned father that why kids of other families don't respect other people's lawn? I mean, stay off peoples grass and out of their bushes.
Sorry, that was a little off subject but when it comes to people's stuff you generally don't care, right?
Well, here is a little treat I want to deliver to you.
When it comes to watching people market online and they start pulling in 4% commissions from amazon I cheer for them. Others go big or don't go home so they get 30% commission. 
When it comes to your own commissions I don't really care. Go ahead and step all over your grass and plants (your bank account)
When it comes to my yard and plants (my bank account) it's MY business to make sure I get mine. I make it my business that I get 100% commissions online because I don't want to work harder I want to work more efficiently.
Until someone can find me a way to make 200% commission I'm going to be marketing the ONLY thing in the market that will pay me 100% and also sell for me.
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