15 of 30 people had made over $10,000 in one month.

Published: Tue, 04/17/12

Hi it's Lawrence Tam.
**Check out this email by my good friend and business partner David**

That's all I have to say about tonight's 
conference call.conference call.
I don't know what it was - there was
a kind of energy, and excitement, that
I haven't seen since I took a room of
30 people, and taught them how we
were going to build an empire...
...45 days later - 15 of those 30 people
had made over $10,000 in one month.
Here's what happened:
We're doing a Non-Disclosure event
in Atlanta, Georgia June 8-10th.
It's not expensive (the early bird tickets
will go live on Wednesday for around
$67) but...
...not anyone can go, either.
In fact - if you are not an active member
of the team, we actually won't even let 
you in the door - and you can't buy tickets.
Here's the funny thing:
Tickets aren't even available yet for the
team, (you can't buy them until wednesday)
but we gave people the link to reserve a 
hotel room for the event, for a special
discounted hotel rate.
The room block (250 rooms) was SOLD OUT
in less than 15 minutes.
The funny thing?
Event tickets aren't even for sale yet.
I've slammed a list for 120 days straight to 
promote an event that only 250 people showed 
up to.
I actually believe that 2,500 people will show up
in Atlanta, Georgia June 8-10th of this year.
And you can't even go unless you're 'in'.
This call we did, it is one of the most exciting,
dynamic calls we've had - ever.
What is about to happen will change the world.
You've got to be there.
The early bird tickets are going to go on sale
this Wednesday at noon - and there are only
250 tickets available for the $67 price, and after
that it will jump to $97.
There's a caveat, though:
This is a 'no pitch' event, and is for members only.
You can't go, twist my arm, or 'buy' your way in,
unless you're a part of the team.
At the event, I'm going to reveal a plan to take 
Empower Network to a $100 million a year company
by December this year - and you're going to have
to sign a non disclosure to even get in the door.
There will be no cross recruiting, no pitching,
and no 'funny business' tolerated.
The goal is simple:  
Give YOU a plan to leave that event, and get
to $10,000 a month within 30 days - and if you're
there already, get you to $30,000.
This is NOT for everyone.
...there will NEVER be anything like it again.
If you're not in yet - get in, so you can go to the event.
Click HERE and do that now (only $25 to start)
Last time I did a non disclosure event, it was with only
30 people, late at night in a hotel room.
I taught things that nobody had ever heard before.
That group of 30 people turned into a team of more than
10,000 in only 45 days.
What do you think will happen when we open the floodgates
of 'inner circle' knowledge to 2,500 people in Atlanta?
There will be no replay available to anyone who doesn't
go, we won't live stream the event, and nobody will be 
allowed to tell you what we teach them.
(the non-disclosure policy - we're not messing around 
Just get in (tickets go live to members only on Wednesday,
at noon EST)
You can get started for only $25, although I'd recommend
that you buy everything as soon as you're in.
The audio replay is available for tonight's call (so you can
learn what we're teaching in Atlanta) - however, only to
active members of Empower Network.
After you join, just download the 'Audio of the Week' 
and listen to it in your car on your way to work tomorrow.
That information will change your life.