Where Leverage In Systems Comes In Play

Published: Thu, 04/12/12

Hi it's Lawrence Tam.

I took a snap shot of what my business was doing the last 6 days. 

The importance of understanding where you want to GO is critical.

See, there are plenty of ways to make money in a home business but the central idea people miss is long lasting "residual" income.

Making $10k/month is fine if you can drive 10k unique visitors to your business online but...

there is an easier way.

The easier way is to leverage what you  have.

Most companies try and build a business one way... I build a business 2 ways.

1) Through promoters
2) Through customers

The image above shows that in 6 days I have brought in 1 promoter (someone who is looking to make a 6 figure and above income from home) and my team brought in a total of 84 challengers (mixture of promoters and customers).
Crazy thing is... I started up this business in Jan 15th, 2012... so in a span of about 90 days...

My team is producing 84 people to my 1.

If you do the math on that... that's.... crazy..


People are looking for easy, duplicatable ways to make money from home.


If you can help someone MAKE Money, and have it keep coming regardless if you produce... that's TRUE Leverage.

So understand "systems" and how they will play a huge part of your home business career and how to tap into them to have exponential growth.

How did my team do this?

The more streamlined and simple a marketing strategy is... the easier it is for the masses to adopt and why your team will grow faster.

Here is the simple idea that has allowed me to hit 85 NEW people to my business in 6 days.

it's Called.... THE CHALLENGE

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