Special Gift Coming Saturday

Published: Wed, 05/16/12

Hi it's Lawrence Tam.
I found out that I made the success magazine rankings.

My primary company did a section for their 2012 Quarter 1 top producers.
I actually made the #1 spot for ALL Ambassadors in the entire company.
An ambassador makes anywhere from 8-14k/month. I do more than double that, and I got to this income level in 4 months.
Check this image out:
I took a picture of the spread and I still can't believe I hit #1. A ton of that is from the team. The team believing in the system an following it.
**Special Bonus**
I will be holding a NEVER before released bonus. Something that will guarantee money in your pocket..... yeah... crazy.

The special bonus will ONLY last for 24hrs and will be announced Saturday 19th.

Why 19th? I'm doing my Ambassador walk and to celebrate I'm throwing out this CRAZY bonus.
Stay tuned... the bonus will be announced soon.

**Meeting Me**

1) Thursday May 17th, 2012
7pm CST
Crown Plaza - Alamo Room 1&2
8686 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77054
2) Saturday May 19th
10am - 6pm
One Reliant Park
Houston, TX 77054
*Come as my guest. Pay the $25 and find me at the event and I'll reimburse your ticket through paypal.