Video 3 of 3 - Bonus details to 5 figure monthly residual

Published: Fri, 05/18/12

Hi it's Lawrence Tam.
I don't officially launch the bonus until Saturday... but video 3 details the bonus and the details to it.

After working in multiple business I'm always looking for short cuts... this is one I found to have worked like magic to helping people make money.

My PROMISE to you if you follow this and are "eligible" (due to region restrictions) is that I'm going to put a bonus check in YOUR pocket if you follow ;)
Watch Video Three Today - Bonus Info
Watch Video TWO (yesterday's if you missed):

Watch Video One (if you missed it)
Duration: 12:44 min
The bonus doesn't officially start until tomorrow.... Saturday.

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Saturday May 19th
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*Come as my guest. Pay the $25 and find me at the event and I'll reimburse your ticket through paypal.