I Will PayPal You $400.00 Right Now

Published: Wed, 05/30/12

Okay, so this is something I NEVER do and have NEVER Done.

It's Lawrence Tam here, and if you know me... you know I 
like to get straight to the point.

Ya, I am actually going to send you $400.

A lot of you have been watching the craziness
going on inside of our Team.

BMWs poppin left right and center, promotions out
the ying yang... oh and did I mention our team 
is getting Paid? 

It's true, we have literally lost our minds...

But I KNOW that everyone could use an extra
$400 today. Couldn't you? Of course you could.

Right now we have 3 Team members running to
levels that could pay them between $8-15k a month.

Some of them in their first 60 Days, that had never
even had Network Marketing experience in the past.

* * * For the Next 24 Hours * * *

I will be offering an INSTANT $400 Rebate for 
all new Promoters that join my personal team.

The reason we are making this investment, from 
my paypal to yours is to crank out as much volume
to push these 3 team members over the edge!

I m a g i n e you in our team, 60 days from now, on
your Ambassador run, ready to Vi-tire and replace
that J.o.b. 

This team will rally around you too (cause that's just
what we do), and you'll feel
all the support and servant driven leadership....

There is no doubt in my mind that there is an 
Ambassador inside of you...

And THIS is your moment.

* * * * 

As we said we NEVER do this. And when the clock
runs out... the cash stops. 

Call me Directly to give us me your paypal email.


So - if you've been looking at Visalus and wondering how
they can create more 6 figure earns in a MONTH than 99.8%
of companies in this industry do in their Lifespan...
You will be calling me directly. 

If you were waiting on the perfect time to get started with 
this Rockstar Team, now is your time. Call me directly.

If you've been wondering how Visalus has put more BMWs on
the road in the last 4 years than any other company in history,
you will call me directly. 

If you're sick and tired of the flash in the pan, hype-ie, crap online
and the Runaway sponsors who you never speak with... call me
directly now. 

If you've been seeing all the fun and Vi-life excitement that's been
going on (Los Angeles, Vegas, Bahamas, Miami...) and you want
a piece of that action, call me directly. 

Will expect your call today. I'm anticipating such a massive 
response the $400 Rebate may only last for today.

Don't procrastinate on this, I am telling ya.

Speak soon,
281-954-4449 (if you don't reach me - text me AND leave a message about $400 rebate)