How To Walk Away Properly

Published: Sun, 06/17/12

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I was prepping my team in Visalus (my primary opportunity) that I was going to have a baby and will be in and out of the office with a crazy schedule.

I told them... baby is due 14th of June, don't send gifts... just run the business like all of the Ambassadors do.

Here is an image of what the did in 1 day prior to me heading to the hospital

This shows 31 people joined my personal team in 1 day without me doing anything.

17 customers
1 basic ($49)
13 ESS ($499 or $999)

3 people brought in 3 promoters already too!

Also... on the 19th it shows there is a total of $92,813.60 in Monthly Sales coming in.

This proves that if you invest in people properly BEFORE you leave them (due to emergencies or vacation) they will know what to do when you leave.

So my business is growing by the day and I did nothing.

I'm not saying Laziness pays off... what i'm saying is life gets in the way and if you prepare in advance you will stabilize or even grow in your own absence!

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