My New Baby and Social Proof

Published: Tue, 07/03/12

Hi, it's Lawrence Tam again,
I wanted to send you this blog post I did that is the announcement of my new addition to my family. 
Lawson Tam
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We picked Lawson because... my friends and family call me "Law" so plus "son". hahahah

Anyhoo, I posted it on facebook and had a tremendous amount of response to it.
it had like 500+ likes and 200+ comments.

It's not like babies are super rare on Facebook, but it does prove is that the social reach in Facebook is just "nuts".

If you are NOT on facebook and trying to build a business... what are you waiting for?

1) subscribe to my updates on facebook (you will need to click subscribe and NOT friend ad my friend list is almost full)
2) start building your own social family that you can build a business with.
3) solve other people's problems and they will stick with you for AGES. I'm serious.

If you want to see a picture of my boy 5min old with social proof...

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