"Oh HELL Yes"

Published: Mon, 07/30/12

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You've received one new video message.
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It's Lawrence Tam here with an important
time-sensitive 'game-changing' message....

....it's that important i made a special video
about it....

...go ahead, watch it, take action.

It's the one 'SECRET' every leader know's,
does and live's by....

(it's got nothing to do with Traffic + Conversions or even marketing)

.....Every SINGLE successful person
in this industry that you know of, that you can
think of, that you heard of, seen has taken part 
in ONE OF THESE.....

Today's message is really different and cut's
thru anything else you've ever seen or heard online...

Over the last few day's, week's, year's, you've been 
watching me online, watched my video's, you've prob'ly
been reading about me, learning from me,working with 
me, making m.oney with me like hundred's of other 
student's that i've helped directly and thousand's i've 
helped with my training, teaching's and expertise...

as you probably know by now, being the first guy in 
Empower Network to bring in over $202,144+ in cold
hard cash for myself and my family in less than 6 month's
meant i had the ability to take time off, travel around,
invest in my own education so i can bring more to YOU...

I've come to a realisation....

Real magic happen's when i get the chance to 
work with people 'face-to-face' - now here's the kicker...

....it's Monday today and i want to spend time with my family,
so instead of writing it all out here on this e-mail.

...i just shot a quick, raw, uncut video for you.

....please take out a minute of your day RIGHT NOW
to view that message here...

That's what leader's do.

....AND because to show you my dedication and commitment,
i'm ETHICALLY bribing you. 

it's worth $999.

.....I've had to fork out over $5,000 for this -
I'M SORRY for NOT revealing his true identity,
but he doesn't want to be harassed by those that are less 
serious and you're about to discover WHY over here....

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