I Appreciate You.

Published: Tue, 08/28/12

Thank's for being my subscriber.
I REALLY mean it, from my heart.
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It doesn't matter where you're at right now
in your life, just know you are already ahead 
of the average curve by a loooong shot!

I appreciate you very much.

You decided to be a leader, 
to step up your own game, 
to take charge of your life.

Whilst most of the world 
is out 'there' watching tv, 
spending countless wasted hour's....
there's YOU.




Cos you're in that top 10%.

Getting up every day, trying to
make this online thing work....

Can you relate ?

EVERY day you may be faced with negativity.

Your friends and family may be throwing doubt your way.

You'll be faced with obstacles that seem to high, 
wide and deep to overcome.

Even YOUR own mind is conjuring up fears 
and doubts about your ideas and abilities.

Each time one of these negative words, 
thoughts or barriers comes to you, 
I want you do repeat this phrase:

"It doesn't matter."

This will really help get you clarity inside 
your mind and quieten that little chatter box 
that's inside your head...

that doesn't really always' help us...

you know that little voice?

the one that just said 'what little voice' 

that one.

You joined my subscriber list because you
DO have ideas, the will power and the skills
to create a successful online business.

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There were negative forces in my way...
and in the way of every other business,
personal or political emperor in history.

But, when it came to our SUCCESS,
the negative elements just did not matter.

I'm going to make you a promise:
you WILL succeed... as long as you keep
responding to negative with,
"it doesn't matter".

You will sense a 'feeling' of detachment from your
result's so you don't stay frustrated or 
'stuck' -- can you relate ?
a feeling of increased self 
worth, which then lead's to helping you 
increase your self-confidence, self-esteem,
and your ability to take action

....which inevitably increases your result's....

help's you make more money.
help's you get ALOT more traffic too.
help's you get more time freedom.
help's you increase quality of life + result's.

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Let's Engineer Your Success
Lawrence "Ex-Engineer" Tam

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I Appreciate You.