SO Important! ❣️! Just 2½ Days ⏳ Left To Be In V. Powerful Manifesting MMRT

Published: Mon, 05/23/22

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Wow !

I have heard from so many people after receiving the powerful Lunar Eclipse Booster last Friday. The Energy was so powerful, it was life changing for them!

And ... this Friday's Powerful Lunar Eclipse Manifesting MMRT is going to be MORE POWERFUL! More manifesting Energy, MORE awakening Energy, MORE Eclipse Upgrades and Light Codes (See the list further down).

I do not want you to miss this! Please read this email, take a moment to check in with your HEART (not mind) and see if you are meant to be in this very special final Eclipse session☀ of the current Eclipse Portal.

There are only 2½ days left to register for the May 27th Lunar Eclipse Manifesting Session.

☀This is the FINAL Eclipse Upgrades and Activation session for the current Eclipse Portal and your last best chance to set the tone and energy of the next 6 months and your Eclipse Portal experience. The May 27th MMRT will infuse you with powerful Eclipse Upgrades and Eclipse frequencies around powerful manifesting that will affect your next 6 months. (the duration of the Eclipse Portal)

Friday's MMRT will also contain Special Frequencies to enhance manifesting shifting from the current 3D Earth to our true 5D Divine Earth.

▶I've put lots of details about the May Lunar Eclipse Manifesting MMRT below.



[☀ MMRT = Multidimensional Money Reiki and Transformation Session]

▶▶The Energy of the Blood Red Eclipse Moon holds special manifesting Energy and this Friday's May 27 Lunar Eclipse Manifesting MMRT will be focusing and amplifying this Energy along with lots of additional powerful Upgrades, Light Codes and Activations.◀◀

☀I will channel and focus Energy from the recent Lunar Eclipse making it energetically compatible with your energy and cells so it can be infused and assimilated.

You will be infused with powerful Lunar Eclipse Upgrades, Lunar Eclipse Light Codes, Lunar Light Codes, Powerful Activations, DNA upgrades, Pineal (3rd Eye) Upgrades and Activations, Wellness Upgrades and Activations, Wealth Upgrades and Activations, Healing and Clearing Energy and much more! The powerful infusions of Energy and Upgrades transmitted during the May MMRT will bring outstanding and powerful results!

▶☀The May 27th Lunar Eclipse Manifesting MMRT☀ will help bring your biggest dreams and visions into form! During the May MMRT the dreams and visions you choose will be infused with amplified, focused Eclipse manifesting Energy.☀ (You'll have chance to write them down)

☀In the May 27th MMRT you will also be aligned with, infused, upgraded and activated on the deepest cellular level with the most powerful, light filled Frequencies of Divine Crystalline Light in addition to the Eclipse Upgrades and Frequencies.☀

▶Below are just SOME of the powerful infusions, upgrades and activations being transmitted in the May 27th MMRT
⭐You will be infused and upgraded with Powerful Divine Eclipse Light Codes and Upgrades!

⭐Your Higher Heart, Higher Self will be powerfully activated until you are holding the extremely high vibration of Divine Light and Divine Presence.

⭐Your experience of Divine Energy within you will be expanded greatly as it is infused Divine Crystalline Light.

⭐Your HEART - MIND coherence will be increased! It will be easier to get out of the noisy mind.

⭐Your Personal Energy and Light Fields will be increased!
⭐Your Self-Appreciation and Self-Love will be increased and enhanced

⭐⭐Cellular Activations will upgrade your cells to resonate with and hold all these magnificent 5-11D Frequencies.

⏩PLUS... You will receive:

▶⭐SPECIAL Eclipse Frequencies, Upgrades and Activations for faster and more powerful manifesting

▶⭐SPECIAL Lunar Eclipse Frequencies and Activations to enhance your Manifesting focus

▶⭐DIVINE CRYSTALLINE ENERGY UPGRADES + Activations for Pineal (3rd Eye) and Pituitary

▶⭐Eclipse Upgrades and Activations for the Divine Higher Heart

▶⭐Frequencies to Activate 12-24 Strand DNA

▶⭐Special Eclipse Light Codes and Frequencies for your Divine Soul Integration

▶⭐Light Upgrades, Upgraded Frequencies for Cellular upgrades, Light code Infusions

▶⭐Upgrades and Activations for your "Divine Human" Expression

▶⭐Upgrades and Light Codes to Enhance Your Divine Connection with Source

▶⭐Dimensional Portal Activations to allow you to effortlessly move across dimensions to visit and learn from your parallel past and future selves. (All time is now, past and future are parallel)

⏩PLUS... Money Reiki, Wealth Frequencies and Prosperity Upgrades
▶⭐Powerful Multidimensional Money Reiki Activations for Abundance and Prosperity
▶⭐Frequencies for Prosperity and Success Attunements
▶⭐At least 7 Powerful Wealth Upgrades and Activations
▶⭐Powerful Upgrades and Activations to increase your WORTHINESS to Receive! (can't receive if you don't feel worthy!)
▶⭐Light Transmissions with special Sequenced Frequencies for Wealth

▶▶Additional Receptors for the special Eclipse Upgrades and Frequencies will activated within you so your cells can maintain and hold ALL these very high Wealth and Worthiness Frequencies.
▶▶⏩PLUS ... You will RECEIVE Special Frequencies to neutralize the Energy of 5G and PROTECT you from it's effects on the body.

▶▶⏩PLUS ... A VERY SPECIAL Chakra Alignment in the May 27th MMRT! >>
All of your Chakras and supporting Energy Centers will be spin corrected, balanced and activated with very powerful Eclipse Portal Energy. This will ensure that you will experience the events of the current Eclipse Portal with ease.



❤Register into Friday's Lunar Eclipse Manifesting MMRT with the links below (You are also registered into the June Solstice Booster also).

Registration ends in 2½ days on Wednesday night.
Register for the May 27th Lunar Eclipse Manifesting MMRT - INCLUDES the Mid-June SOLSTICE Booster!

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▶Register for the May 27th Lunar Eclipse Manifesting MMRT INCLUDES the Mid-June SOLSTICE Booster!

... PLUS the June Solstice Upgrades MMRT AND the mid-July Booster

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▶Register for the May 27th Lunar Eclipse Manifesting MMRT INCLUDES the Mid-June SOLSTICE Booster!

... PLUS the June Solstice Upgrades MMRT AND the mid-July Booster

...PLUS the July Lion's Gate Alignment MMRT PLUS the mid-August Lion's Gate Booster!

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☀INCLUDES ALL MMRT Sessions and ALL Boosters as long as you are subscribed!

PLUS you freeze the MMRT Session price and will not experience any increase as long as you are subscribed.

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▶▶Be sure to fill out the form that will open in the browser after your payment so you are put on the MMRT session list◀◀

Wishing you a wonderfully powerful day! ❤

With Infinite Love and Appreciation,


& The Collective ❤

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