😀 ! 🔭 Clarification Re Special EnergyTransmission During Eclipse Tonight!

Published: Sun, 05/15/22

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Hi !

I confused myself when I read my earlier email! So I am clarifying what I will be transmitting during the Lunar Eclipse tonight, at the time of the Eclipse maximum (when the Moon is the deepest red).

✔Tonight I will be sending a special surprise Energy Transmission for everyone who is REGISTERED for the May 20 Lunar Eclipse Booster this Friday! (I need a defined group to transmit to)

I find there is something so moving about looking up at the sky and seeing the Moon turn a deep rust red. I find total Lunar Eclipses bring forth powerful energy. I will be tapping into this Lunar Eclipse power channeling special Eclipse Frequencies into a transmission to every person who is REGISTERED IN the Lunar Eclipse Booster (info on Booster and links to register below)

✔The time I will be transmitting these Eclipse Frequencies will be at 12:11:28 am New York time (11 minutes after midnight) tonight. This is 4:11:28am UTC/GMT. Figure when that is in your time zone.

✔You do not need to do anything special or different to receive these special Frequencies tonight. In fact,if you are watching the Eclipse happen - that's perfect!

Most locations in North, Central and South America will be able to see the entire Eclipse, witnessing the Full Flower Moon turn a deep blood Red! All locations in the U.S. will see a significant part of the Eclipse with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii, where it will not be dark enough during the Eclipse. Western European and most of African time zones will be able to catch the Eclipse totality just before the sun rises.

In the P.S. I put the times of the various phases of the Eclipse and when to view them. You only need your eyes to see this spectacular show!


☀☀⏩Tonight's Energy transmission is a special gift. The Energy is being sent at the time of the Eclipse maximum - I will be sending a powerful transmission of special empowering and loving Frequencies for optimized manifesting. You may not feel them at the time I transmit them, but you will feel the effect of the Frequencies during the 24 hours following the Eclipse.⏪

☀This special "Eclipse Maximum Energy" will be transmitted to all who are registered for the Lunar Eclipse Booster at the time of the Eclipse.

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☀A special, powerful Lunar Eclipse Booster☀ will take place just 4 days after the Lunar Eclipse, on Friday May 20th, to focus and direct the Energy of this powerful total Eclipse AND the current Eclipse Portal. The Booster will also prepare you to receive the powerful Manifesting Energy that will be transmitted in the May 27th MMRT.

The Lunar Eclipse Booster is a ☀BONUS session☀ when you register for the May Lunar Eclipse Manifesting MMRT by May 20th!
This Eclipse is the third in an “almost tetrad” — a series of four big Lunar Eclipses in two years. It's powerful energy will be harnessed and focused in the Lunar Eclipse Booster on Friday and the Lunar Eclipse
Manifesting MMRT on May 20th!

The Energy of the Blood Red Eclipse Moon is special manifesting Energy and both the May 20 Eclipse Booster and the May 27 Lunar Eclipse Manifesting MMRT will be focusing and amplifying this Energy.

The May 27th Lunar Eclipse Manifesting MMRT will be transmitting very powerful Eclipse Energy focusing on amplifying manifestation. This is the MMRT to bring your biggest dreams and visions to! You and all your dreams and visions will be infused with amplified, focused Eclipse manifesting Energy during the May MMRT.

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Make sure I know you registered today! Forward your receipt in an email.


Remember to check the P.S. for the times of the phases of the Eclipse tonight. If you have never seen a Total Lunar Eclipse in person, I promise you will be surprised at how moving the experience is!

Hoping for clear skies for us all! Unfortunately clouds and rain are forecast here. But I intend to clear them so I can see the Moon!

IF your sky is not cooperating for good Eclipse viewing, you can see the entire Eclipse live streamed at these locations:

✔Time and Date Live stream on YouTube [ https://www.youtube.com/embed/BoMPeHBNUoM ]

✔NASA TV is scheduled to start live coverage at 8 p.m. PT on Sunday, May 15. (Google for link)

✔ [ https://www.virtualtelescope.eu/2022/04/25/the-16-may-2022-total-supermoon-eclipse-a-live-international-event/ ]

....and many more! Do a search for Lunar Eclipse live stream.

Happy Eclipse viewing!!

With Infinite Love and Appreciation,

Amy & The Collective ❤

P.S.... The times below are UTC/GMT AND New York time (EDT). The maximum Eclipse is when you want to make sure you are looking up. This is the when the Moon will be the deepest blood red. The Eclipse will be visible with just your eyes looking up. Of course using your phone, binoculars or a telescope will be incredible!

☀All times below are UTC (GMT)
Penumbral begins ----> May 16 at 01:32:05
Partial Eclipse begins----> May 16 at 02:27:52
Full Eclipse begins-----> May 16 at 03:29:03
☀Maximum Eclipse ----->May 16 at 04:11:28
Full Eclipse ends ----> May 16 at 04:53:55
Partial Eclipse ends-----> May 16 at 05:55:07

☀All times below are New York time (EDT)
Penumbral begins ---> May 15 at 9:32:05 pm
Partial Eclipse begins ------> May 15 at 10:27:52 pm
Full Eclipse begins ----> May 15 at 11:29:03 pm
☀Maximum Eclipse ------> May 16 at 12:11:28 am
Full Eclipse ends ----> May 16 at 12:53:55 am
Partial Eclipse ends-----> May 16 at 1:55:07 am