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Published: Fri, 05/31/13

Hi -
The month of May has meant a lot of travel and little time to write. I have been beating myself up a over the lack of writing, but if I take a longer view of things, I see things quite differently. 

I had a choice - feel bad about 3 posts in May, or see the accomplishment in having posted 167 pieces of my book, Nest City, since April 2012.  I choose the latter.

The first series of posts are turning into their own publication - A Habitat Manifesto. A first look at this is for your eyes only. Details on how to access the document are on the right.

Read and enjoy. If you use any of it, share your story and I'll share it here.
Beth Sanders

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The Art of Hosting BIG Decisions 

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November 12-15, 2013
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The purpose of Nest City News is to deepen the relationship between myself and my audience, where we support each other in our work to improve cities. This relationship will help us deepen our relationship with the world around us - and  create the city habitats needed to allow us to reach our  fullest potential. We are feeding our desire to thrive in cities.

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A Habitat Manifesto

In April 2012, I made a big decision to blog the book I am working on - Nest City: The Human Drive to Thrive in Cities. At the time, I called this effort a slow release. 167 posts later, my writing is taking a different form. Over the last few months, I have taken a step back to look at the first series of posts that explored our impulse to build cities. I am in the process of turning these posts into their own publication - A Habitat Manifesto - that explores our evolutionary impulse to build, organize and thrive in cities.

Right now, A Habitat Manifesto is in draft form and I need feedback on its value and worth for readers. I am sharing a link to the document with you because you are keenly interested in creating, co-creating, and even co-recreating, cities that serve citizens well - and citizens that serve cities well. 

You follow your passion in your work to make the world a better place and this is the very force that generates and regenerates cities. You are what our cities need. We are what our cities need. A Habitat Manifesto explains why.

I share this work with two expectations:

  1. Take what you need. Read and explore these ideas in your life and work as you are inclined. Simply credit me as appropriate.
  2. Offer what you can. Leave your comments, insights and ideas in the document (access information below).
My intention in sharing this work is to create an opportunity for use to more explicitly feed and nourish each other in our work for cities and citizens. Whatever you are able to give is welcome: little or lots.

Access to A Habitat Manifesto
The document is waiting for you in the Google world. There are two ways to get to it: 
  1. Click on this link:  Nest City - A Habitat Manifesto  Once the link goes through, you might see a small version of the file. Click on it to see it.  You might also have to click on the little blue "open" box in the bottom left corner. 
  2. Email me at and I will share the file directly to your email address. 
Once you are looking at the document, to leave comments use the comment tool on the top right corner of the screen. If you prefer, you can email me at I read all mail.

Some questions to ponder as you read:
  • What is the value of A Habitat Manifesto?
  • In what ways is it useful to you?
  • What would make it even better?
  • Anything else you'd like to offer?
Thank you!

Blog Highlights

Nest City is emerging in three parts.  Here some links to explore if you are interested in the work that comes after A Habitat Manifesto. 

The Art of Hosting BIG Decisions

Are you, your family, neighbourhood, organization, neighbourhood, city - or humanity - facing any BIG decisions? Looking for better ways to meet with self and other to see what's really going on and take wise action? 

On November 12-15, 2013 I am co-hosting a three-day participative learning experience -  The Art of Hosting BIG Decisions - in Edmonton, Canada that will help us ground ourselves in the artistry of circle to: 

  • Unveil and explore the BIG decisions you face in life/work.
  • Learn hosting practices to engage self, others and places that lead to wise and intentional action.
  • Advance to a new level of expertise in leadership and co-creation.
  • Strengthen your presence and clarify your purpose.

Hugh Sanders, Katharine Weinmann, Margaret Sanders and I are designing an experience for you that will enhance your abilities to: 

  • Host yourself and others well.
  • Gather the right people at the right time.
  • Unleash the wisdom and power that lies within.
  • Ask the right questions.
  • Sense the emerging future and harvest its promise.
  • Discern and choose wise action.

In crafting our invitation to you , we realized that what we'll learn together will apply at any scale - self, family, workplace, neighbourhood, city, nation, humanity. Confirmation that when we boldly grow the self, we make our families, organizations, workplaces, neighbourhoods and cities better places.

Registration is limited to 44