RESENDING - CORRECTED LINK: Nuclear Hotseat #221 - September 15, 2015: Fukushima Contamination in the Ocean & Biosphere

Published: Sun, 09/20/15

Nuclear Hotseat #221 - September 15, 2015
Fukushima Contamination in Oceans, Biosphere

Mary Beth Brangan of Ecological Options Network
on Recent Findings by Mousseau, Buessler

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  • Mary Beth Brangan of Ecological Options Network (EON3) reports on the recent California event she helped to produce: FUKUSHIMA CONTAMINATION In the Ocean and in the Biosphere with scientists Timothy Mousseau and Ken Buessler.  Knockout information on Fukushima, Chernobyl, and the Pacific Ocean. 


  • What to do with former plutonium contaminated nuke sites?  Why, if you're Rocky Flats in Colorado, just turn it into a nature preserve!  And no, that's not meant to be ironic!

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  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission "DUCK! and Cover" Report
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