First-Ever / Instant Agency "Engagement Suite" (Offer Video, Text & Call) DFY Templates

Published: Sat, 11/20/21


Not often do you have the
chance to bring a whole new
level marketing capabilities
to your clients.. And when
you can you could charge
Top Dollar for it..

Because it's something that
will Immediately Boost their
Marketing Effectiveness
Translates to More Profits..

Businesses know this and they
are happy to pay for advantages
like this..

Now with this First-To-Market
Consultant's Tool
you'll Instantly 
Turn ANY Website Into a Lead
Pulling and Sales Grabbing 
Interactive Business Magnet.

By Instantly adding Live Video
, Live Web ChatInstant
Phone Calling
and/or SMS Text
. All From One Tool!

The Market to Offer these Cutting
Edge Functions to ANY Website 
is Huge Right Now..

They Even Provide Pre Made
Templates Ready to Install and
use on Any Type Of Business;

- Doctors
- Attorneys
- Construction
- Child Care
- Restaurants
- Car Sales
- Fitness
- Resorts
and more

Two way, instant engagement
from Any Website
is the way
of the Future, and great for any
business's bottom line

Simply Copy & Paste a Simple
Line of Code to Create Non -
Obstructive Attention Grabbing
"Engagement Widgets"
On Any

Charge Clients Monthly for a New
Service that's Virtually Guaranteed 
to Get More Hot Leads and Close 
More Sales For Any Business - See
The Full Demo on The Sales Page
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===== Amazing Quality =====
 DFY Videos / Agency Content
Here's a sleeper of a deal that
has a ton of uses for all types
of businesses.. Amazing DFY
Video Value Too..

Well made video content like
this could Cost You Hundreds
to create yourself and what's
awesome is it's Super Broad
Appeal.. Everyone Relates to
this Topic..

1300 High Quality (Proven
Mesmerizing) DFY Videos,

All Ready To Be Branded
and Sold to clients for use
in their campaigns..

These are all very well made 
videos that you could Use on
Websites, Blogs, Social Media
and more.
. Perfect Social Media
Marketing Content for;

- Restaurants
- Physicians 
- Fitness / Spas
- Retail Stores
- Hotels/Resorts
- Food Stores
- Travel Agencies
and more..

This is one topic that has the
Interest of Every Market there
that's what makes these DFY
Videos so Valuable as Agency

Along with the bonuses they're
offering, it's a Literal Treasure
Trove of DFY Content that you
use use in Unlimited Client
Campaigns - See The Sample,
Save on the Launch Price Now.
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 New PLR /Red-Hot Biz Topic
Here's a new PLR Pack from 
trusted product plr creator..
There's extra value with this
because it focuses on a Red
Hot Topic for All Businesses..

It's a perfect content bundle 
for consultants to land new
clients with as well.. 

The Market is Huge for This!
Most Business Owners (among
plenty of others) Need to Know 
More about this topic..

"Time Management & Focus"
Is an Up To The Minute Guide 
Detailing Proven Methods and
Best Practices for Anyone who
wants to Get More Done in their
Business or Personal Lives..

Complete Product Bundle;
- High Quality Ebook 
- DFY Sales Video
- Resource Cheat Sheet
- Mindmap
- Ready-Made Salesletter
- Thank You Page
- Lead Magnet & Opt-in Page
- High-Quality Pro Graphics
- Quality Articles
- Promotional Email Swipes
and more

The market for this info is Huge.. 
and for local consultants and
agencies this is the perfect Give
Away on an Opt-in Page to Pull
In New Clients..

Quality Graphics and Pro Written
Content you could use in All Kinds
of Ways.. Perfect For The Times
were in Now as well. Steal It At
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====== Easy Monthly Clients ======
Local Trench Warriors Reveals
Sold +1000 copies in just a few
These two local consultants 
have a system they call the "Three
Pillar Process" and they're offering
it as a Simple Copy / Paste System.

Top seller for a great reason too. 
They've refined the method in their
own local businesses over the past
few years. Works like gangbusters 
their own local agency (see
his proof)..

They're charging $200 to
$550 monthly, offering this
simple service (you could
even have it outsourced).

Local Digital Agency Service;
- Offer Gets Leads Quickly
- Easy to Understand Service
- Simple Outreach Strategy
- Detailed Video Training
- No Cost Lead Generation
- Monthly Recurring Service
- Proven Track Record
and more

*Literally as simple as
copy and paste too..

Offer a Service That Makes
Your Agency Irresistible To
Business Owners..

This doesn't just 'teach' you
what works...They also give
you all the resources you need
to start offering this battle tested
"copy and paste" biz service..

A Proven Way to New Leads,
Clients, & Deals In the Next
Week - See Proof on the Page..
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4) Home Business Ecourse - 52 Part E-course: 
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5) Build Your Audience - 40Pg Report (PLR)
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6) Writing Tips Made Easy - 15Pgs: Detailed
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7) 20 Vacationing PLR Articles - DFY Articles
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could even turn into short reports to be given away
for Client Content and Promotions.. Broad Appeal.

** If You don't receive bonuses with your purchase (you should) 
just  Email your receipt to ...Please
make sure receipts are dated today and forward..

Thanks for looking today..
Your Success is My Success
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