New: Video Marketing Content Pack - Master Class on YT For Any Business

Published: Wed, 11/24/21


Just out today, crazy low price
on this video content bundle.
If you're a marketer working
with Clients (or promoting
your own products or services)
You know YouTube Is The
Place To Be..

And if you (or your clients)
want to spend on YT there's
no better deal on the web
right now..

YouTube Ads are cheaper and
more effective than Facebook
Ads by far..

It's also the 2nd most popular
search engine behind Google

AND it's the 2nd most popular
Social Media platform behind

That's why this training from
One of  the Top PLR Course
in our space is a Must
for Any Marketer (or business

The Market is Huge for this too..
even Use it To Land Clients for
Your Marketing Services..

Eight Professionally Presented
, Almost One Hour of
Training teaches the following;

- Creating Profitable YouTube Ads..
- SEO Tools for YouTube Traffic.
- YT's Algorithm as an Advantage
- Using YouTube's Analytics Tools
- Growing Any YT Channel Fast
- Building a Loyal YT Community
- Scale Any YT Marketing Strategy
- Branding Your Account
- Getting More Views
- Getting More Subscribers
and much more!

*The Full Training provides an
overview of a proven successful
YouTube Marketing Strategy.

Targeted toward the beginner so
it's great content for consultants
and agencies to use to generate
leads to sell more video services.

Here's what you'll get for a
Steal of a Price Right Now..

- EIGHT DFY Training Videos 
- PLR To Video Transcripts
- PLR to Audio Files
- DFY Marketing Tools
- Editable Sales Copy
- Done-For-You eCovers
- Done-For-You Mini Site
and more

There's many Local Consultants
that have built a very successful 
business Just by Helping Local
Businesses Set-Up, Maintain and
Grow Their You Tube Accounts.

So many businesses of all kinds
need to understand (and maximize) 
the use of these proven powerful
marketing methods..

Use this content to Land New
Video Clients or Sell it to a Huge
Market.. Steal It Now at the Low
Launch Price - Limited Time Sale
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===== New 2021 Version ====
Best Public Domain Resources 
This New Edition of "Public
Domain Empire" is Selling
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Grab Our 
7 New Bonuses (see below)
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Add this New 2021 Directory 
of the Best Public Domain 
Resources on the Web.. A 
Value for ANY Marketer..

This has been The Definitive
Public Domain Content Bible

in our space for the last 3 Years.
Best Sources for No Cost PD
Content that you could turn
into client/customer 

The New Version has Been
Updated for 2021, including
32 New Websites to Provide
You More Unlimited High 
Quality Content..

As marketers we know how
Incredibly Valuable Quality
Content (At No Cost) can be
to your agency, consultancy
or business..

2021 saw more than 50,000
new resources to the public
a lot of valuable;

- Videos
- Images
- Graphics
- Audio
- Articles
- Reports
- Books
- Comics
- Music
- Gov Docs
- Presentations
- Text Books
and much more.

Saving Thousands of  Dollars
on Unlimited, Content for Any 
Use at All..

Get Your Copy and Enjoy the
New Sources of PD Content for
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Over $1k of Studio Quality Videos 
Here's the Last Call on this Low
Flying Video Value.. Best video
content deal of this past weekend.

It would cost you Over $1K to
create all these yourself..  Every
one Relates to this topic as well.

There's so much you could do
with quality video content like 
this.. Works for all types of

1300 High Quality (Proven
Mesmerizing) DFY Videos,

All Ready To Be Branded
and Sold to Clients for Use
in Their Campaigns (charge
for this content service)....

These are all very well made 
videos that you could Use on
Websites, Blogs, Social Media
and more.
. Perfect Social Media
Marketing Content for;

- Restaurants
- Physicians 
- Fitness / Spas
- Retail Stores
- Hotels/Resorts
- Food Stores
- Travel Agencies
and more..

This is one topic that has the
Interest of Every Market there
that's what makes these DFY
Videos so Valuable as Agency

The whole package comes with
Full PLR too, so you could sell
it as your own product as well.

Along with the bonuses they're
offering, it's a Literal Treasure
Trove of DFY Content that you
use use in Unlimited Client
Campaigns - See The Sample,
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=== Break-Through Software ===
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Not often do you have the
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You Could charge Top Dollar
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This will Immediately Boost
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which Translates to More Profits..
Businesses know this and they
are happy to pay for a marketing
advantage like this..

Now with this First-To-Market
Consultant's Tool you'll Instantly 
Turn ANY Website Into a Lead
Pulling and Sales Grabbing 
Interactive Business Magnet.

By Instantly adding Live Video
, Live Web ChatInstant
Phone Calling
and/or SMS Text
. All From One Tool!

The Market to Offer these Cutting
Edge Functions to ANY Website 
is Huge Right Now..

They Even Provide Pre Made
Templates Ready to Install and
use on Any Type Of Business;

- Doctors
- Attorneys
- Construction
- Child Care
- Restaurants
- Car Sales
- Fitness
- Resorts
and more

Two way, instant engagement
from Any Website
is the way
of the Future, and great for any
business's bottom line

Simply Copy & Paste a Simple
Line of Code to Create Non -
Obstructive Attention Grabbing
"Engagement Widgets"
On Any

Charge Clients Monthly for a New
Service that's Virtually Guaranteed 
to Get More Hot Leads and Close 
More Sales For Any Business - See
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1) Video Teaser Blueprint; 10 Video
MP4s (with Resell Rights): How
to Build Video Teasers That Sell Your Or
Your Client's Products.. Agency Content

2) Cool Beats Audio Tracks; 13 MP3s
(Includes Resell Rights): Stock audio
tracks for UNLIMITED Video Projects..

3) Business People Graphics Pack, PDF
and PNG formats: 50 images of business-
men and businesswomen that can be used
any marketing projects, even for clients..

4) Banner Ad Bomb - 24pgs: Learn How
to use Banner ads to drop the competition
in its tracks.. Good content for consultants
Use as Give Away Report to get leads..

5) Mass Persuasion Secrets 44pgs: How
to get customers to know, like and trust
you. Use for Lead Gen for an agency..

6) 10 Steps to Auditing Your SEO; DFY
10 Day PLR Ecourse: 10 important steps
to take when auditing any site's SEO. Use
for your Agency Lead Generation..

7) 10 Bitcoin PLR Articles: Up to Date
PLR Articles that you can use as website
or blog content for a consultancy.. 

** If You don't receive bonuses with your purchase (you should) 
just  Email your receipt to ...Please
make sure receipts are dated today and forward..

Thanks for looking today..
Your Success is My Success
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